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Frequently asked questions about purchasing gift cards in Samsung Pay

Gift cards displayed in Samsung Pay

You can purchase gift cards for yourself or friends and family using Samsung Pay. However, there are some restrictions when it comes to buying gift cards. For example, you can only purchase up to a certain dollar amount per day.

Can I purchase gift cards with my credit and debit cards?

You can securely purchase gift cards using credit or debit cards that are added to Samsung Pay. Also, there are no taxes or fees associated with purchasing a gift card. The dollar value you purchase is the amount that will be loaded on the card. You can also purchase a gift card and send it to a friend.

$20 gift card for Banana Republic in Samsung Pay

How many gift cards can be purchased?

On a single Samsung Pay account, you can purchase up to two gift cards per day that have a combined value of up to $100 total. For instance, you can buy two $50 gift cards, but if you try to buy a third gift card, the app will display a message that says the maximum number of cards (2) you can buy in 24 hours was reached. Or, you can buy one $100 gift card, but if you try to buy another card, a similar message will be shown stating the maximum amount allowed in a 24 hour period has been reached.

What are the fees for purchasing or using a gift card?

There are no fees for purchasing a gift card in Samsung Pay, and generally there are no fees for using a gift card. However, please refer to the specific terms and conditions found on each merchant’s page prior to purchasing a card.

How can I view my gift card purchase history?

Open Samsung Pay and then tap the Gift store tab. In the Store, tap More Options and then tap Purchase history. Your account's purchase history will be displayed.

Samsung Pay gift card purchase history

How many gift cards can I add?

You can add as many physical gift cards as you want; however, only 12 cards (gift cards and credit/debit cards) can exist in your Samsung Pay Wallet in Favorite Cards.

How is my gift card delivered?

  • Yourself: If you are buying the gift card for yourself, you will receive an email confirming the purchase, and the gift card will display in Samsung Pay. Tap the Wallet tab, and then tap the GIFT tab. 

  • Friend Using Samsung Pay: If you are sending the gift card to a friend, it will be added directly to your friend's Samsung Pay. Tap the Wallet tab, and then tap the GIFT tab. Also, you will both receive an email confirming the gift card purchase. 

  • Friend Not Using Samsung Pay: If you are sending the gift card to a friend who does not use Samsung Pay, your friend will receive an email with a link to redeem the gift card. You will also receive an email confirming the gift card purchase.

How do I check the status of a gift card order?

You should receive a confirmation email about your gift card order within a few minutes of your purchase. The confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with your Samsung account.

Important: If you do not receive the confirmation email, it may have been routed to the Junk or Spam folder. If you still have questions, please contact Samsung Pay Customer Service at +1 844-SAM-PAYS (726-7297).

How will the gift card transaction appear on my statement?

Gift card purchases will be displayed as "SAMSUNG PAY – GIFT CARD" on your card issuer's statement.

Are gift cards refundable?

Once a gift card has been emailed to a recipient or loaded into Samsung Pay, it is non-refundable. All sales are final. If the intended recipient does not receive the gift card or accidentally deletes it, call Samsung Pay Gift Card Support at +1 844-726-7297.

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