Add Buds Sleeves to your Galaxy Buds Live for a tight fit

Galaxy Buds Live with Buds Sleeves on

One size does not fit all, and that’s why we’ve created the Buds Sleeves for your Galaxy Buds Live. The Sleeves will make the earbuds a little wider and help them fit more comfortably in your ears if they are normally too small. Simply place the Buds Sleeves on the earbuds to give them a more suitable fit.

Place the Buds Sleeves on your buds

Note: If your Galaxy Buds Live fit too far in your ear canal, you may experience poor audio, muffled sounds, or connection issues. To request a set of Sleeves, please contact 1-800-SAMSUNG with the model/serial number of your device. Your Sleeves will be shipped within 5 business days.

The Buds Sleeves are made of a flexible silicone material that you can easily slide on the earbuds. It will only take a minute or two, but it will make a world of difference.

  1. Pick up the left earbud and the left-side Bud Sleeve. Double check that they match and that you have the correct Sleeve before moving to the next step.

  2. Place the lower half of the earbud into the corresponding Sleeve.

    Galaxy Buds Live half inserted into the Sleeve
  3. Adjust the earbud and the Sleeve until you have a snug fit. Do NOT excessively pull on the Sleeve because it could tear.

  4. Make sure the earbud’s speaker, touch-sensitive sensor, and microphones are exposed through the holes in the Sleeve. They should not be covered by the Sleeve because it may cause sound issues.

  5. Lift the bottom part of the attached wingtip, and carefully tug the Bud Sleeve upward, so it can fit underneath the wingtip. Then, readjust the wingtip as needed.

    Galaxy Buds live with Buds Sleeve sitting underneath the wingtip
  6. Repeat the same steps for the right earbud and Bud Sleeve.

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