Use the Ark Dial with your Odyssey Ark

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Samsung’s Odyssey Ark comes with its own exclusive remote control: the Ark Dial! Designed to give you quick access to gameplay settings and features, this remote lets you adjust and navigate the screen at any time with just a twist or a press. You can also access additional settings with the Ark Dial Menu, such as Flex Move Screen, Multi View, and the Game Bar. With all this available at your fingertips, the Ark Dial is a true game changer.

Use the Ark Dial

The Ark Dial is the remote control for your Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen. Although its buttons are similar to those on the Samsung Smart Remote, the Ark Dial has some new functions, like letting you open the on-screen Ark Dial Menu. It’s also solar powered, which means the lights in your room or a nearby window can charge the Ark Dial. Or, you can charge it using a USB Type-C cable.

The following functions and buttons are available on the Ark Dial:

  • LED: This light will glow when the Ark Dial is charging via USB-C. The light will turn off when charging is complete.

  • Power: Turn the Odyssey Ark on and off.

  • Source: Change the input source. Press the Source button repeatedly to select different sources.

  • Return: Return to the previous menu.

  • Volume: Adjust the volume.

  • Enter: Use or select an item.

  • Ark Dial Menu: Open the on-screen Ark Dial Menu. Please see the next section for more details.

  • Wheel: Rotate the wheel to the left and right to zoom in and out on the input screen.

  • Directional arrows: Navigate the Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen.

Access the Ark Dial Menu

The Ark Dial gives you full control of your Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen. It also lets you use the Ark Dial Menu, which will appear on the bottom of your Gaming Screen when opened. To view it, press the Ark Dial Menu button on the Ark Dial. Then, you can use the following functions:

  • Flex Move Screen: Flex Move lets you change the input screen. You can adjust the screen’s position, aspect ratio, and rotation to match your games.

  • Multi View: Multi View allows you to split the screen into a total of four sections in landscape mode and three sections in Cockpit Mode (also known as vertical mode). Multi View removes the hassle of setting up and connecting multiple monitors or screens.

Ark Dial Menu on Odyssey Ark Gaming Screen
  • Game Bar: With the Game Bar, you can quickly control various settings without leaving the current screen. These include settings like Game Picture Mode, Screen Ratio, Minimap Zoom, Sound Output, and Eclipse Lighting.

  • Quick Settings: This menu lets you control the Odyssey Ark’s basic settings, such as brightness and contrast.

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