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Is to Love Them

Learn about the enhanced S Pen, Multi Window, wireless charging, camera editing and lots more.



Samsung S Pen

Work Quicker with S Pen

The advanced precision of S Pen gives you more control while you’re on the move. Take a note or jot a phone number without waking up the Note5 and use Air Command from any screen or app.

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Samsung Side Sync

Sharing Content

Now you can work across multiple devices simultaneously. Use SideSync on your computer or tablet to respond to texts without reaching for your phone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Multitasking

Multitask with Multi Window

The Note5 lets you open two apps side-by-side on your screen so you can do things like take notes and watch a video at the same time. Or copy and paste content — an image, link or video — from one window to another.

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Samsung Action Memo

Fast Note Taking

Action Memo lets you make a quick to-do list, take down a note and capture all your brilliant ideas.

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Experience an easier way to charge your phone. Learn just what you need to charge wirelessly.

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Ultra Power Saving Mode

Save Your Battery

Switch to Ultra Power Saving Mode at 10% battery life and make and receive calls for up to 24 hours.

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Camera Tips

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Camera Quality

Take the Picture Before It’s Too Late

Never let the moment pass. Your 16MP camera launches in just 0.7 seconds — just double tap the home button and it’s ready.

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Wide-Angle Selfies

Wide-Angle Selfies

Take selfies and fit in all your friends with a powerful 5MP front-facing camera equipped for shooting wide-angles.

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Low Light Photography

Low Light Photography

An intelligent light sensor in the 16MP rear-facing camera dynamically adjusts for low light situations and delivers rich, vibrant photos.

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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Camera Auto Focus

Stay Focused

Get great action shots at soccer games, birthday parties and more with object tracking auto focus. It's never been easier to capture great shots even when your subject is moving.

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