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Learn how to make voice commands, set up email, and transfer your photos and other content to your new device and more.

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Transfer Texts to Samsung Galaxy Note5

Transfer Texts, Photos and More

Confidently transfer your contacts, photos, emails and apps to you’re Galaxy Note5 with Smart Switch — even if you're switching from iOS.

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Exclusive Samsung Services

For Owners Only

Enjoy exclusive services on all your new devices with a single Samsung account.

To create a Samsung account on your device: Settings > Accounts > Samsung account

Set Up Email on Samsung Galaxy Note5

Set Up Your Email

With a few easy steps, you'll get email right here on your device.

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Voice Commands on Samsung Galaxy Note5

Make Voice Commands

Use S Voice for hands-free communication and quick shortcuts to all your important settings.

To launch, tap Apps > S Voice

Samsung Quick Connect

Share With Everyone

Quick Connect simplifies content sharing with others. It finds nearby devices and allows easy sharing of photos, videos and music.

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Don’t Miss Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy Note5

Don’t Miss a Text

Follow these steps to ensure that you don't miss a text message from any of your contacts.

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Samsung S Pen


The advanced S Pen is precise and puts you in control. Express your ideas with an image. Add illustrations by handwriting keywords on the Idea Sketch pad. Hand-write a note on the back of pictures to add detail to your memories.

Switching Keyboards on Samsung Galaxy Note5

Switch Keyboards While Typing

You can switch to Google Voice or another keyboard from your Notification panel (swipe screen from top to bottom).

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