Go Deeper with Your Galaxy S6 edge+

Explore more advanced features — 10-minute charging, auto HDR, and camera modes.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Rapid Charging

10-Minute Charging

No time for a full charge? Adaptive Fast Charging recharges your Samsung Galaxy Note5 up to 50% in about 30 minutes.*

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Processor

Performance Processing Speed

The Galaxy S6 edge+ features a 64-bit processor combined with 4GB of RAM to give you incredible speed and performance when web browsing, working or playing games.

See your user manual for more product specs.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Night Clock Mode

Night Clock Mode

Night Mode turns your edge display into an easy-to-read night clock that won’t drain your battery.

To turn on, go to: Settings > Night clock > On

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Slow Motion Camera Mode

Take It Slo-Mo

The Galaxy S6 edge+ shoots 4K video and allows you to capture cinematic moments in crystal clear slow-motion.

On the Camera screen, tap MODE > Slow Motion.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Contact Shortcuts

Connect Quicker

Create shortcuts on your home screen so you can text, email or call your favorites faster than ever before.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Camera Pro Mode

Switch To Pro Mode

Pro Mode lets you manually control things like exposure, white balance and focal depth.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Image Stabilization

Maximum Detail

Advanced image stabilization and an intelligent light sensor let you capture sharper, clearer photos in virtually any lighting situation.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Multitasking

Multi Window*

Use two apps side-by-side to do things like read restaurant reviews and text and drag and drop pictures and files between windows to save even more time.

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