The Perfect Harmony of Performance and Style

Your new Tab S2 comes packed with features. See below and get started with everything you need on your new powerfully light device.



Microsoft Office on Samsung Tab S2

Catch Up On Work Anywhere

Microsoft Office* lets you review and save changes right on your tablet. You can also work on the same document across devices, knowing your content and formatting will remain intact.

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Samsung Tab S2 Fingerprint Scanner

Security at Your Fingertips

Keep your information safe and secure with integrated fingerprint technology.** Unlock your tablet. Sign into websites. Even authorize payments simply by swiping your unique fingerprint on the home key.

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Samsung Tab S2 Battery Life Tips

Stay Charged Longer

If you find yourself running low on battery, turn on Ultra Power Saving Mode until you can plug in.

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Samsung Tab S2 Multi User Mode

Share with Everyone

Share your tablet with friends and family while keeping your personal info and settings protected. Set up user profiles and then select one when unlocking the device to use personalized settings.

From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Users > Tap Add user or profile


Samsung Tab S2 Kids Mode

Smart. Seamless. Stay.

The Smart Stay feature uses the front-facing camera to detect when you are looking at your device so the screen stays on regardless of the screen timeout setting.

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Samsung Tab S2 Camera Quick Launcher

Launch Your Camera Quickly

It’s never been easier to capture a moment as it happens. Launch your camera in less than a second just by double-tapping the home button.

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Samsung Tab S2 Multi Window

Multitask with Multi Window

Run two apps side by side, so you can make a list while shopping online, or use your calendar and browser to plan your next trip.

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Samsung Tab S2 Music Player

Music to Your Ears

Find your favorite songs, create customized playlists and more on an easy-to-use music platform.

To listen to music, from the Home screen, go to: Apps > Music