Shoot in 8K,
Watch in 8K

For the first time ever, capture your favorite moments in 8K with the Galaxy S20 5G and seamlessly view them at full resolution on QLED 8K.

Samsung QLED and two Galaxy S20 5G placed below the TV screen. Products share the same 8k content of a person crouching on a salt desert reflecting the red sky.

Bring the moment home

Bring the moment home

Discover the most stunning 8K detail

With Galaxy S20 5G, capture every nuanced detail in stunning 8K and share the moment with amazing clarity on QLED 8K.

Sequential example of how two 8K videos are shot with Galaxy S20 5G and the details of the 8K videos can be seen with QLED 8K. This example is based on a fashion show, and the details of the outfit/on the fabric
Two models wear stylish clothing and strike a pose in front of a fashion designer. And the fashion designer shoots his fashion video in 8K video with Galaxy S20. Fashion show video which is shot in 8K with Galaxy S20 captures details of the clothing
This is an image to demonstrate the amount of color QLED 8K can express in comparison to conventional TVs. A couple is admiring the crisp details and colors of the 8K as they watch food recipe videos shot with Galaxy S20, shown on QLED 8K.

Experience lifelike color

Catch every hue on a Galaxy S20 5G and display it in over 1 billion shades of color on QLED 8K – color so lifelike you can almost taste it.

Escape to your favorite destination

Whether it’s the fine grained sand of a tropical island or the intricate detail of an ancient city, seeing the 8K depth and realism makes you feel like you’re back on your favorite vacation without leaving your home.

Left image is a couple admiring their travel videos shot in 8K on QLED 8K, and on the right the same man is watching his wife shoot the same video in 8K with Galaxy S20.
An epic dunk scene can be seen on a big screen QLED 8K TV. A group of friends are enjoying the sports video in their living room.
A man is shooting the 8K sports game video with Galaxy S20 5G. Other men shoot that special moment in 8K video with Galaxy S20 5G. A group of friends are watching a dunk scene with QLED and reliving that moment.

Seamless casting

Sharing your 8K memories is easy. Simply tap your Galaxy S20 5G to the QLED 8K and begin sharing on the big screen with Tap View. You can also watch using Smart View or through the Connected Gallery app.

A man is shooting a stunning dunk moment in 8K with Galaxy S20.
This is an example of a family home video shot in 8K with the Galaxy S20 and the family video is being shared/viewed on QLED 8K.
This is an image to demonstrate the amount of color QLED 8K can express in comparison to conventional TVs. The family is seen watching their child jump in a ball pool full of vibrant colored balls

Make reel life feel like real life

Galaxy S20 5G and QLED 8K let you capture and relive your favorite family moments with lifelike detail, enhanced depth, and exceptional contrast.

Galaxy S20 5G Ultra Key visual

Galaxy S20 5G

Shoot 8K video
Capture 33MP stills from 8K video

QLED 8K key visual with a shining moon as the on-screen image.


Real 8K resolution with 33 million pixels
Quantum processor 8K

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