5 Ways Not to Lose Your S Pen

Apr 28. 2016

The new S Pen packs a revamped Air Command menu, quicker-than-ever note-taking perks and more, but it doesn't come with a built-in GPS if you lose it. While you wait for that feature, get your S Pen game on-point by keeping this essential little tool close at hand, no matter the situation.

1. Stay Alert

Setting an S Pen alert is your de facto best bet for keeping track. Access your Galaxy Note5 Settings menu, then tap S Pen and set S Pen alerts to ON. If your phone strays too far from your S Pen, it'll let you know with a sound and a text alert. Good looking out, Galaxy Note5.


2. Accessorize Accordingly

Whether you're drawing mustaches on your friend's picture or drafting detailed floor plans on an S Pen-friendly Android™ app, popping your S Pen into a holder makes its body feel a little more like a, uh, pen-pen. This gives you the upper hand for hardcore sketching sessions all while making your little buddy a whole lot more visible.


3. Shake Up Your Look

We have arrived: it is now officially cool to be nerdy. Let your gadget flag fly by casually sliding your S Pen behind your ear, like a tech-savvy rebel who has quit smoking. Or—wait for it—slip your S Pen into a pocket protector for the ultimate geek-chic fashion statement. You can totally pull it off.


4. Deck Out Your Desk

While your S Pen lives much of its life docked in the Galaxy Note5, you may want to keep the S Pen out when you're hard at work. Keep it safe and in sight with optional workspace tchotchkes like a paper holder equipped with slots or a tether. Your S Pen has been so nice to you, you might as well treat it to a little gift.


5. The Baby and the Bathwater

Because the S Pen slides into the satisfyingly clicky port of the Galaxy Note5, chances are if you lose your phone, you lose your S Pen. Avert disaster by enabling the Android Device Manager, found under Settings, Lock screen and security, and Other security settings. This handier-than-handy tool finds the approximate location of your phone on a map if you happen to get separated.

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