6 Tips & Tricks for Switching to Your New Phone

Apr 28. 2016

Unpacking your digital life from one mobile device to the next wasn’t always the easiest task but with the latest Samsung Galaxy Smart phones, the transition is a little smoother if you follow these helpful tips.

1. Get Accounted For

When you power up your new phone, follow the step by step guide to sign up for a free Samsung Account and Android-friendly Google Account online. With just a few keystrokes, you'll be ready to jam to Google Play Music, swipe at the till with Samsung Pay. With the Android Device Manager and / or Samsung’s Find my Mobile find a misplaced smartphone, all right out of the box.


2. Be a Smarty Pants

Download Samsung Smart Switch to transfer your contacts, media, calendars, notes, messages and more from your old phone to your new one with a few taps. Smart Switch is all about options, so you can go wired or wireless and make a seamless move from Android or iOS platforms.


3. Stay Connected

Wi-Fi is the lifeblood of your phone; make sure you're connected by accessing your Settings menu, then sliding Wi-Fi on. While you're there, establish local connections by activating your Bluetooth too.


4. Email A-Go-Go

Allow your new smartphone to unchain you from the desktop; go ahead and tap Apps and Email, then type in your email account details to get rolling. If you're an email connoisseur, add a few more email accounts from the outset by tapping Apps and Email, then Settings and finally Add to expand your options.


5. Duly Noted

If you're rocking a new Galaxy Note, customise the Air Command menu to your liking to get quick access to your favourite apps. Use the S Pen to select Settings, then S Pen. From here, choose Air Command, followed by Shortcuts, and then choose your three favourite apps for instantaneous access. Thanks, S Pen.


6. Live on the Edge

The curved edge screen defines the edge experience, so make it yours from the beginning. Go to Settings on the main menu and then Edge screen position. Choose your edge screen side to pick your left-or-right preference. Likewise, dive into People edge under the edge screen settings menu, tap My people and choose five key contacts; the edge screen will keep you up-to-date with unobtrusive notifications from the five most important folks in your life.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby / Demand Media

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