7 Everyday Activities Made Better by the S Pen Part 1

Apr 28. 2016

Your teacher used to dock points when you doodled in the margins, but it turns out you were just training for the future


We've upgraded the S Pen with better speed, tilt and rotation recognition, so think of this as an opportunity to up your doodling game; S Pen is your smart scribbler, and your Galaxy Note5 has expanded the margins. Because scribbling is serious business.


1. Annotate Everything

Grandma always told you to leave a mark. So go ahead and leave one. On pictures. On text messages. On maps. On pretty much everything.


2. Clip, Don't Copy

Use Image Clip to draw a border around anything onscreen—whether it's a heady quote or a pic of your cat's head stuck in a cereal box—then drag and drop it to wherever you want. What's copy-paste again?


3. Feed the Fish

Use Action Memo to jot down a note, then stick it to the Home menu for everyday visibility. Might as well add a cute fishy face for extra motivation.


4. Have an Effect

Class up your Snapchat doodles by changing your S Pen tip. Because the goofy glasses and devil horns you drew on your date just aren't classy enough without fancy, realistic calligraphy strokes.


5. Translate Your Text

You ever miss passing notes? Then stop missing and start writing; hand-write what you want and use Air Command's “Transcribe” to translate it into digital text, instantly.


6. Be Direct

Just write the address you want to head to and, with one tap of Action Memo, Google Maps serves up directions. You need to rest your thumbs for important things. Like video games.


7. Take Control

Speaking of games, you've got to be a control freak if you want a high score. Sure, swiping does the trick, but when you need an edge, bust out the Pen. Your online opponents don't have to know.

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