7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

Apr 06. 2017
7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

If you believe that no meal is ever truly appreciated until it's been documented for social media, you’ll find that the Galaxy S6 edge+ makes the perfect dining partner. Whether you’ve been taking pics of your meals for a while now, or you're new to this favourite feasting pastime, here are some pro tips to bring out your inner-food-selfie-connoisseur.

7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

1. Fill Up the Plate

There’s nothing sexy about ketchup bottles and butter packets. Before tapping the shutter, zoom in or lean forward to make sure the food and only the food, fills the screen.

7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

2. Get Out of Your Chair

Interesting photos usually come from interesting angles. Scrunch down to table height to show all the layers in that triple-decker sandwich or to get the full effect of a monster stack of pancakes.

7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

3. Think Boudoir, not Medical Lab

A good meal looks its best in a flattering light. An LED flash designed to light up a whole room is just too much when getting in close. So turn off the flash and use Auto real-time HDR to convey the natural shades and tones. In extreme low-light dining conditions, hold a white tissue or napkin over the phone’s flash to soften the light.

7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

4. Head for the Grill

Shots of choice meat are often most mesmerising while they're still cooking. This is probably why so many people prefer to stare at a barbecue all afternoon rather than helping to set the table. For best results, snap your pic just before the meat is ready to come off the grill and use your zoom so you don't get burned.

7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

5. Capture the Action

When you’re celebrating, a single, still photo won’t always convey the right mood. Take burst shots of the candles being blown out, and then use the Animate feature on the Galaxy S6 edge+ to create a short animated GIF of the perfect moment.

7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

6. Cut It Out

When the taste is in the pudding—or the pie—use a sharp knife to dig in before taking your photo. The tricky part here is getting the shot before anyone actually takes a bite.

7 Photography Tips for the Foodie in You

Play With Your Food

Filters seldom work well when it comes to food shots. Blue-tinted milk or sepia-toned Bolognese isn’t exactly appetizing. The exception to this rule is the Delicious filter that comes with the Galaxy S6 edge+. It goes especially well with ice cream.

Photo Credits: Oriana Koren/Demand Media

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