Expandable Memory: You'll Be Thankful for the Extra Space

Apr 06. 2017
Expandable Memory:  You'll Be Thankful for the Extra Space

Tiny homes and cute little cars have an undeniable charm, but despite their appeal, most people need a little more room. It's not that you can't get by with less, but space equals versatility. That holds true for smartphones as well. With an optional micro-SD card, you can give your Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge a total of up to 200 GB of storage space, which means—no compromises.

1. When They're Little

Small fry grow really, really quickly and whether you've got a new child or a "fur baby"—you won't want to miss a single memory. Those pictures and especially the 4K videos, are going to take up a lot of space. Don't worry, though. The Galaxy S7 can handle it.

2. On That Long Flight

Wi-Fi is available on some flights, but you can't always count on streaming your favourite content. Instead, load up your phone with podcasts, movies or episodes of your favourite shows. Watch what you want, rather than the airline's choice.

3. At That Really Excellent Party

You don't need a lot of space on your phone to stream music, but you're not always in control when you stream. With a big SD card, you can keep your whole music collection on the phone. Queue up a new playlist, and blow them away with your mad DJ skills.

4. When You're a Power User

Running out of space can be frustrating if you use lots of apps. It's especially galling when you have enough space to run an app, but not enough to successfully install it. Don't worry. From now on, that's something that happens only to other people.

5. When You're Outside Coverage

Moving photos or other content to the cloud is a quick and easy way to free up space on a phone, but it works only if you've got coverage. With so much storage, you'll never miss a memorable snap because you couldn't get a signal.

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