Galaxy S6 Range Camera Tips

Dec 02. 2015
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The following tips will help you get the most out of your Galaxy S6, S6 edge & S6 edge+ smartphone camera.

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Start up

Tip 1: Capture the moment

Tapping the Home button twice in quick succession will access your Galaxy S6, edge, or edge+ camera in less than a second. It’s the easiest way to capture the moment.

Tip 2: Location

Tag to your shots and you'll never forget those off the beaten track places.

To enable this feature:
Launch the Camera → Settings → Set Location Tags to 'On'.

Using your camera like a pro

Galaxy S6 Range Camera Tips03

Tip 3: Action shots

Action shots are easier with Tracking AF, a new autofocus mode that tries to maintain focus on anyone even if they're moving!

To enable this feature on your Galaxy S6, S6 edge, or S6 edge+:
Launch the Camera → Settings → Set Tracking AF to 'On'

Tip 4: Low light?

The HDR feature makes this easy. HDR takes multiple shots (in varying light conditions), combining them to give you the single best possible image.

To enable this feature:
Launch the Camera → Tap HDR at the top of your screen to 'HDR Auto' , 'HDR On', or 'HDR Off'

Easy captures

Tip 5: Take a photo or video with voice control

Using Voice Control, you can say specific words to take photos or video, including: Smile, Cheese, Capture, Shoot, and Record Video*.

To enable this feature:
Launch the Camera → Settings → set Review Pictures to 'On'

*Performance of Voice Control function may vary depending on the language spoken and surrounding environment, including ambient noise.

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Tip 6: Control your camera by using the volume buttons

Your Galaxy S6, edge, and edge+ smartphone camera gives you additional options for taking photos using the volume buttons. This suits both left and right handed users, who can programme the buttons to take pictures, or record video, or zoom in / out.

To enable this feature:
Launch the Camera → Settings → Volume Keys Function → Select Take Pictures, Record Video or Zoom

Galaxy S6 Range Camera Tips05


Tip 7: Take selfies by waving

This is ideal for larger group selfies (or 'groupies') because you can take the shot simply by waving your hand at the front camera!

To enable this feature:
Launch the Camera → Switch to the Front camera → Settings → set Motion Gestures to 'On'

Galaxy S6 Range Camera Tips06

Tip 8: Timed selfies using the heart rate sensor

Hold your finger over the heart rate sensor on the back of your phone. 1 … 2… Cheese!

To enable this feature:
Launch the Camera → Switch to the Front camera → Locate the Heart rate sensor on the back of your phone and hold a finger in front of it → Your selfie gets taken in about 2 seconds.

Review & edit

Tip 9: Review a photo as you take it

Review Pictures enables you to automatically preview a picture you've just taken. You can retain or delete it straight away without going into the gallery first.

To enable this feature:
Launch the Camera → Settings → Set Review Pictures to 'On'

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Tip 10: Edit pictures

Edit your pictures after you take them by tapping the image icon on the bottom right of your screen or by sweeping your finger across the screen from right to left. Remember you can also access and edit pictures from the Gallery.

To enable this feature:
- Tap the image you want to edit.
- Tap Edit from the menu at the bottom of the image
- Your editing options will appear, including Auto Adjust, Rotate, Crop, Photo Editor, and Collage

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