DVM, 4-Way(600*600) Cassette, Heat Pump R410a, Indoor Unit

Tasteful design and compact Enhanced comfort control Low maintenance and powerful airflow
Ideal Compact Size

Ideal Compact Size

Installing the Mini 4Way Cassette is easy. This compact air conditioning unit can fit into one standard ceiling tile measuring 600 W x 600 D, meaning that alterations are unnecessary. With no extra construction work to carry out, set-up time is reduced, as is the subsequent financial impact on businesses.

Self-Diagnosis Mode

Self-Diagnosis Mode

The unit's self-diagnosis mode alerts users to malfunctions straight away. An error code and LED light enable engineers to identify the problem quickly, reducing the time taken to fix it. As a result, this mode allows businesses to benefit from greater efficiency with a more cost-effective operation.

Fan Speed Adjustment

Fan Speed Adjustment

As a result of the ability to adjust the fan speed according to the height of the ceiling, the Mini 4Way Cassette is fully customisable to suit the needs of individual businesses. Altering the dual in-line package (DIP) switch of the unit's printed circuit board (PCB) increases efficiency so fresh air reaches the whole room, resulting in a more even distribution.

Auto Surround Swing

Auto Surround Swing

This innovative air conditioning unit distributes cool and warm air even further with the minimum of noise. The efficient system suits all manner of rooms, ensuring no section is overlooked.

MDS; Motion Detect Sensor (Optional)

MDS; Motion Detect Sensor (Optional)

MDS; Motion Detect Sensor (Optional)

The Mini 4Way Cassette offers a smart solution to saving energy and costs with its optional Motion Detector Sensor (MDS), which regulates the optimal amount of airflow. It works by turning off the air conditioning system once it detects the absence of any users in the vicinity. Energy efficiency is further maximised through its ability to automatically identify and set operation patterns. MDS also reduces the contrasting effect of warm and cold airflow directly at individuals, thus creating a more constant and comfortable environment.

  • Ceiling Dust Prevention

    Ceiling Dust Prevention

    Dirty ceilings are no longer an issue with the Mini 4Way Cassette air conditioning unit. The newly designed panel prevents dust from gathering over long periods of operation. By controlling the direction of the airflow so that it avoids contact with the ceiling, businesses can enjoy cleaner and more elegant work spaces than ever.

  • Powerful Airflow

    Powerful Airflow

    The Mini 4Way Cassette's wide blades create powerful airflow without wasting energy. Removing the need for multiple appliances, the indoor unit delivers cool or warm air at greater distances, making it more efficient for businesses.

  • High Lift-Up Drain Pump

    High Lift-Up Drain Pump

    The Mini 4Way Cassette includes an optional high lift-up drain pump. This lifts condensed water up to 750 mm compared with previous 700 mm limits. The increased quantity provides more flexibility over where the unit is installed, offering users greater convenience than ever.

  • No Overflowing Drain Water

    No Overflowing Drain Water

    The innovative drain pump check valve prevents drained water from flowing backwards into the drain pan. Minimising the drain pan's water level in this way means businesses never have to worry about water stagnation or overflows that drip into indoor spaces. The Mini 4Way Cassette provides fresh, clean air without contaminating the room.

  • Features
    • Type 4 WAY CASSETTE S (600 x 600)
  • Model Name
    • Indoor Unit AM036FNNDEH/EU
  • Power Supply (Indoor Unit) [Φ, #, V, Hz]
    • 1, 2, 220 - 240, 50
  • System
    • Mode HP / HR
  • Capacity
    • Cooling [kW] 3.6 
    • Cooling [Btu/h] 12,300 
    • Heating [kW]
    • Heating [Btu/h] 13,600 
  • Power Input (Nominal)
    • Cooling 1) [W] 20 
    • Heating 2) [W] 20 
  • Current Input (Nominal)
    • Cooling 1) 0.19 A
    • Heating 2) 0.19 A
  • Fan
    • Type Turbo Fan
    • Motor (Output) [W] 65 x 1 
    • Air Flow Rate (High / Mid / Low) [CMM] 10.5 / 9.5 / 8 
    • Air Flow Rate(High/Mid/Low)[L/S] 175 / 158.33 / 133.33
  • Piping Connections
    • Liquid Pipe (Φ, mm) 6.35 
    • Liquid Pipe (Φ, inch) 1/4"
    • Gas Pipe (Φ, mm) 12.7 
    • Gas Pipe (Φ, inch) 1/2"
    • Drain Pipe (Φ,mm) VP25 (OD 32, ID 25)
  • Field Wiring
    • Power Source Wire 1.5 ~ 2.5
    • Transmission Cable 0.75 ~ 1.5
  • Refrigerant
    • Type R410A (Fluorinated greenhouse gas)
    • Control Method EEV INCLUDED
  • Sound
    • Sound Pressure (High / Mid / Low) [dB(A)] 34 / 30 / 26 dBA
    • Sound Power 51 dBA
  • External Dimension (Indoor Unit)
    • Net Weight (kg) 12 
    • Shipping Weight (kg) 14 
    • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm) 575 x 575 x 250 
    • Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm) 623 x 653 x 298 
  • Panel Size
    • Panel model PC4SUSMAN
    • Panel Net Weight (kg) 2.7 
    • Shipping Weight (kg) 4.2 
    • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm) 670 x 670 x 45 
    • Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm) 714 x 724 x 106 

* Key feature may differ from Key Spec.

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DVM, 4-Way(600*600) Cassette, Heat Pump R410a, Indoor Unit (AM036FNNDEH/EU)



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User Manual ver 10



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