Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, Samsung offers a wide range of solutions to reinvent retail and enrich the consumer experience.

Solutions for retail

  • Improve customer engagement

    With new options for serving customers and connectivity with in-store displays, tablets offer retailers the potential for improved sales and services.

  • Empower store managers

    The most valuable information is in the field. Managers can monitor sales, human resources and inventory from anywhere in the store.

  • Support strategic decision making

    By using mobile manager, vendors and internal teams can make strategic decisions based on real-time sales and inventory data.

A different sale information displayed on each video walls in a shopping mall

Shopping malls

Discover new ways to promote overall brand identity, provide more product info, and support directional guidance.

A woman trying on a skirt utilizing Samsung smart mirror

Apparel and cosmetics

Attract visitors with appealing store design, engaging virtual dressing room experiences, and enticing offers.

A Samsung outdoor signage displaying menu offerings at the entrance of drive thru


Promote new items, provide vivid information about menu offerings, and use the display to streamline the ordering process.

A Samsung smart signage offering menus at a restaurant


Design, schedule, and deploy custom content, promoting limited-time-only specials and higher margin foods.

A Samsung air conditioner operating from the ceiling in a department store hallway

Flexible atmosphere for commercials

Samsung’s air conditioning solutions let you create the perfect working conditions for everyone, while saving money.

A Samsung air conditioner operating in a restaurant hall providing more pleasant atmosphere

Fresher air for restaurants

Samsung’s air conditioning solutions let you independently adjust and optimize the temperature and airflow in specific spaces.

Use the latest in technology for logistics