Making Every Moment Matter

Introducing you to the Samsung QLED design story.

Samsung QLED TV in a living room with a little girl on the big screen. QLED TV creates complete immersion in your living room interior, making every moment matter.

Our TV design philosophy takes on a new approach. It’s not only a question of entertainment, but also about creating complete immersion in your day-to-day life. So here are the steps we took to ensure your QLED TV feels natural every moment you’re together, whether the TV is on or off.

Slim and sleek Samsung QLED TV is both clean and captivating in design
Samsung QLED TV boasts a sleek design, thin bezel, clean backside and simple tv stand with the hidden one invisible cable. A dreamy landscape appears on screen, as the camera zooms out to reveal the TV wall mount inside a home.

From minimalism to immersion

It all started with the idea to design something so simple and classic that it could be enjoyed no matter the time or space.

Slim and sleek, so QLED TV is both clean and captivating in design as well as picture.

Samsung QLED TV in a living room next to a standing lamp. With 360° minimalist design, QLED TV provides beautiful design wherever you look.
Samsung QLED TV inspires creatives, brings families together, helps couples cook a meal, provides young singles a time of relaxation, and lets friends get together for a fun time, enhancing lifestyle for them all.

A thoughtful layout

Then the goal was to add to — not subtract from — the work you put into your interior.

By eliminating excess wires and clearing away clutter, QLED TV doesn’t visually distract from your carefully selected furniture when not in use.

In modern living room, Samsung QLED TV mounted on the wall and it blends perfectly with the tv unit design harmonising to the living room wall decor.

Blending effortlessly

Finally, we wanted to match and adapt to your lifestyle.

So you can wake up and watch the morning news or surround yourself with your favorite artists before bed. Whether you’re watching QLED TV or simply in the same room, it’s a reflection of you with Ambient Mode.

Samsung QLED TV from various perspectives prove that it provides beautiful tv design from every aspect
In a well-lit living room, Samsung QLED TV with Studio stand is displaying pictures on the curved screen.

Redefine your home

Experience total immersion with the 2019 Samsung QLED TV lineup and go beyond aesthetics.

Samsung QLED 8K TV with an image of nature


Samsung TV Studio Stand

Studio Stand

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