Improve Wash Performance, Reduce Energy Consumption and Save Money

Dec 17. 2015

Samsung’s innovative Ecobubble technology

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 17 December, 2015– Samsung takes the hassle out of washing with its impressive range of washing machines developed with Ecobubble™ technology.

The Ecobubble technology makes use of a bubble generator which mixes air with water and detergent to form bubbles. The detergent is thoroughly dissolved for the bubbles to penetrate the clothes rapidly, getting the detergent straight to the fibers, up to 40 times faster. Because the bubbles penetrate the fabric so quickly, wash temperatures can be reduced without compromising on cleaning results. Cool water washes as effectively as warm water with Ecobubble technology.

Ecobubble technology also provides advanced care for fabrics as gentle washing adds to protecting delicate garments. Because less powered action is required, there is less wear and tear on the consumer’s clothes. “Investing in energy efficient appliances is one of the many things consumers can do to reduce energy consumption and contribute to living in a greener home,” says Michael McKechnie, Head of Digital Appliances at Samsung South Africa.

Other factors that can contribute to a eco-friendly home is by looking for a product with higher energy efficiency rating when purchasing a washing machine or any other home appliance. Consumers should also consider washing their laundry during off-peak energy time periods and use a washing machine with short cycles to save time which will reduce the use of energy.

As a global manufacturer, Samsung has been dedicated to developing 100% sustainable and energy efficient solutions since 2008. Energy efficient appliances can be slightly more expensive due to the advanced technology, however the increase in cost is largely compensated through the reduced water and electricity costs.

“We continue to strive to produce energy efficient products through the use of advanced technology whilst also making our consumers aware of the environment around them,” concludes McKechnie.

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