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Disclaimer Notice

Black Friday Sales and Exclusion of the Signature Service

Any and all Samsung QLED TV’s purchased at a discounted rate as part of the Black Friday sales held at participating retailers for the period 21 November 2018 [00h01] to 26 November [23h59] (“Black Friday Period”) will not include the Samsung Signature Service.

The Samsung Signature Service (which includes an extended warranty) is specifically excluded from and will not form part of any purchase of a QLED TV purchased over the Black Friday Period.

Please be advised that the Samsung Signature Service includes an extended warranty in respect of the purchased QLED TV, and by exclusion of the Samsung Signature Service the extended warranty will also be excluded.

Information regarding the Black Friday sales and/ or purchase of Samsung QLED TV’s and/ or other Samsung products over the Black Friday Period that are published by the participating retailers are published independently and separately from Samsung and will not in any way bind Samsung and accordingly Samsung expresses no opinion or makes any representation concerning the accuracy and completeness of any such information.

Samsung Electronics South Africa (Proprietary) Limited with registration number: 1994/003872/07 (“Samsung”), their associated, holding an subsidiary companies, its directors, officers, agents, representatives, shareholders, employees, successors and assigns will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or loss of any kind regardless of how this was caused, and whether it arose under the law of contract or delict or otherwise, arising from an individual’s participation in the Black Friday sales, purchase of a QLED TV with the exclusion of the Samsung Signature Service over the Black Friday Period, any Black Friday related activity and/or acceptance, receipt, possession and/or use/misuse of any Samsung products purchased over the Black Friday Period.