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Welcome to the Samsung Experience your first choice to discover the latest Samsung’s inventions! A place to explore our latest range, learn more about your device, get expert advise and receive technical support. Exclusive sneak peeks of our newest products and other great events are happening all the time. The possibilities are endless.

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Experience the latest in what technology has to offer at your fringertips width Samsung today.Become immersed in the technology and equlp yourself width the latest gadgets,handsets and more at our Samsung stores.+

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Unbox your phone with the Galaxy S8

The way in which experiences and memories are captured and shared have been redefined with the capabilities of the Galaxy S8. The handset encompasses not only the latest in technology, but innovative ways in which a phone can be used.

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Introducing The Next Innovation in TV

With the One remote and with over one billion colour shades, what you watch will truly come to life.

Samsung Signature Series

The Signature Series is a collection of Samsung’s most premium products. Products where form and function are in perfect harmony, creating objects that are as beautiful to look at as they are a pleasure to use.

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