BONA Magazine: All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9!

Our copy editor Patience Gumbo-Chimbetete has been test-driving the new Samsung Galaxy S9, which was launched in Barcelona, Spain, last month. She is impressed by its capabilities.

With a one-year-old baby who is learning to do a lot of things, I’m always using my phone to capture these priceless moments. So, when I heard about the new S9 and S9+ and that the focus was on the camera dubbed “the camera reimagined”, I was intrigued. I wanted to know more about this “reimagined” camera and what it could do, and man, am I captivated! I am excited by the many possibilities that the Samsung Galaxy S9 offers, from the multifunctional camera to the caller identification ability and many other functions in-between.

With Samsung’s most advanced camera ever, the S9’s is redesigned with a new dual aperture lens. This powers an innovative low-light camera, which enables the taking of pictures and videos in any circumstance. This means that I no longer have to worry about the lighting when taking photos or videos of my daughter. This is because the camera can adjust itself to the lighting (or lack of it) the same way the human eye does. And, not only does the phone take beautiful pictures, its AR Emoji function enables me to create personalised emojis! What this means is that I can have emojis that look, sound and act like me. I can also include my loved ones in the fun and create emojis of them, too!

Caller identification
Another function I love about the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the way it searches and recognises numbers that are not in my phone book, and notifies me.

Battery life
On the downside, I noticed that the battery life is short. This means I have to charge the phone on a daily basis. However, this does not worry me as it charges quickly.

I am still exploring the phone in order to fully maximise its functions and promises. #SamsungS9 #Unpacked #GalaxyS9.

The S9 and S9+ will be available in South Africa from 16 March 2018.

Source: Patience Gumbo-Chimbetete Bona Magazine