Can I Customize The App Layout On My Windows 8 Start Screen?

Last Update Date : Apr 25. 2018

Customizing The App Layout

In the Windows 8 Start Screen, you can group and organize all of your favorite apps, websites, files, and folders for quick and easy access. The below instructions will walk you through the different way you can customize your app layout on the Start Screen. For the purposes of demonstration, we will be creating a Movies group for movie fans.

Creating A Group

1. To begin setting up a group of apps, grab an app on the Start Screen and drag it to an empty space. This will create a new group.


2. You can now build upon this grouping by grabbing and dragging similar apps and placing them below or next to the original app.


3. If you would like to add apps that did not come pre-installed on your PC, you can click on the Microsoft App Store and add more apps. If you would like more information on the Microsoft App Store and how to use it, click here to go to the Microsoft Support Article.


4. Some apps let you change the size that they are displayed in. If you would like to make a larger app smaller, right click on the app and select Smaller from the bottom menu. You can also make a smaller app larger by following the same process.

NOTE: Not all apps can have their size altered.


Adding Apps From The All Apps Screen

1. Not all of the available apps are shown on the main Start Screen. Right Click on any empty space in the Start Screen to open the All Apps menu. Click on All Apps.


2. All Apps displays all current apps that are available to be pinned to the Start Screen. Locate the app that you would like to pin to the Start Screen and right click on it. Select Pin to Start from the bottom menu. In this example Windows Media Player has been pinned to the Start Screen.


3. Press the Windows button on the keyboard to get back to the Start Screen. The newly pinned app will be located to the far right of the Start Screen. You can now grab and drag that app to your group.

Adding Your Favorite Website To The Start Screen

IMPORTANT: The steps below use Internet Explorer because only the IE app currently has this functionality.

1. On the Start Screen, click on the Internet Explorer app.


2. Type the name of your favorite website into the address bar and press Enter.


3. Click on the pin icon in the lower right corner.

NOTE: Websites that already have apps cannot be pinned through this method. Instead of pinning the website, you can locate the app in the Microsoft App Store.


4. Click on Pin to Start.


5. In the window that appears, type the name you would like to display into the box and then click Pin to Start.


Adding Files And Folders To The Start Screen

You can also add files and folders that do not appear under all apps. Locate the file or folder you would like to add to the Start Screen. In this example, we will add the Videos library to the Start Screen. Right click on the file or folder you would like to add and click Pin to Start.


Naming Your Group

1. Once your group has been created, all of your apps, websites, files and folders have been added and you have organized it the way you like, you can add a name to the group. To add a name, click on the minus icon on the lower right corner of the screen.


2. Your entire Start Screen will be displayed in the Zoomed Out window. Right click on your group and select Name Group from the bottom menu.


3. Type your preferred group name into the box and click Name.


Your group is now customized and named for easy access. If you would like more information from Microsoft on how to customize the Start Screen, click here to go to the Microsoft Support Article.


Thank you for your feedback!

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