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Refined design

Q :What are the differentiation strategies from a design standpoint ?

A : Following the two previous model’s Infinity Display design and its unified look, “Practical Value” is emphasized more this time.

- Bezel-less design that promises the best immersive experience

 : Improved the black visual appearance, Kept the iris camera hidden, Reduced the BM at the top and bottom

- Positioning of the rear fingerprint sensor that improves usability

 : Positioned the fingerprint sensor below the camera and in the center. (S8/S8+: Sensor was located next to the camera.)

Q: Why position of fingerprint sensor has been changed on S9/S9+ ?

A: The fingerprint sensor is located below the camera and in the center, so the user can tap the fingerprint sensor more easily and conveniently .

Also registering the fingerprint will be much easier by swiping the finger 1 ~ 3 times. (It used to be registered by tapping the finger 12 ~ 20 times on the S8).

Why position of fingerprint sensor has been changed on S9/S9+ ?

Q : Why are the S9/S9+ thicker than the previous model ?

A : The thickness had to increase to secure space for the battery. This is because the fingerprint sensor is repositioned to improve its usability. To secure the same battery capacity as the S8 and S8+ (3000 and 3500mAh, respectively), they have become 0.5mm and 0.4mm thicker.

Q : The rear and front glass breakage concerns when dropping.

A : The durability is improved in three aspects :

① Enhanced the front glass (S8: 0.5T → Star: 0.6T) ② Reinforced the side metal (0.2mm thicker) ③ Used high-strength metal (AL 7003)

AL 7003 aluminum exhibits less deformation from drop impact than the 6013 used for S8/S8+. The shock that the metal transfers to the glass is reduced (1.2 times stronger than the 6013).

Q : Rear camera looks like protruded more than previous Galaxy S model.

A : Because a new camera was equipped with a high-speed sensor and Dual Aperture, the S9/S9+ rear camera protrudes  0.2mm/0.15mm more than the camera of S8/S8+ respectively. Nevertheless, the application of Dual Aperture

(F1.5 and F2.4) will ensure bright and clear photos in any situation, while the Super Slow Motion will allow users to capture moments that can’t be seen with the human eye.

- Improved low-light camera performance: The application of the F1.5 aperture* and Multi Frame Noise Reduction** technology has improved the low-light performance by approximately 60% compared to the previous models.

* F1.5 Aperture (functions at 100 lux or less): The amount of light increased by 28% compared to the F1.7 aperture (S8/S8+)

** Multi Frame Noise Reduction (It will function at 1 lux or less):  Noise reduced by 25 - 30% compared to the previous models by combining a total of 12 images into one.

- Super Slow-Mo (960fps) : an option that allows users to record videos using a high-speed camera at 960 fps, and to capture moments that the human eye can’t normally see by playing them 32 times slower than normal videos (30 fps) and 4 times slower than videos shot with the existing Slow Motion option (240 fps).

Q : Iris camera cannot be seen in appearance. 

A : We applied hidden iris camera to minimize the elements that may interfere with the look. Thus S9/S9+ also supports the Iris recognition feature like previous flagship models and we recommend using Iris recognition feature to strengthen the security of your device. Your iris data can be used for various authentication purposes. After registering your irises, you can set the device to use your irises for the following features, Samsung pass, Samsung Pay, Screen lock, or Secure Folder.

Q : Iris camera cannot be seen in appearance.

※ Precautions for using iris recognition

• To protect your eyes, keep the screen at least 20cm away from your face when using iris recognition

• Do not attach unofficial screen protectors(privacy protection films, tempered glass protectors, etc.) to your device. The iris recognition LED may not turn off even when you are very close to it

• Anyone who experience dizziness, seizures, loss of awareness, blackouts, or other symptoms linked to an epileptic condition, or a family history of such symptoms or conditions, should see a doctor before using iris recognition.

• The iris scanner is not intended for use as a medical device; biometric data collected and stored locally by the iris scanner is not intended for any diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive medical purposes.

Super Speed Dual Pixel, Dual Aperture

1) S9 vs. S9+ Camera

Super Slow motion

2) Super Slow motion

- Super Slow Mo (960fps) is an option that allows users to record videos using a High-speed camera at 960 fps, and to capture moments that the human eye can’t normally see by playing them 32 times slower than normal videos (30 fps) and four times slower than videos shot with the existing Slow Motion option (240 fps).

- Users can capture normal videos at 30 fps and only desired sections at 960 fps for 0.2 seconds and  play the sections of the video captured for the 0.2 seconds over approximately 6 seconds, revealing details that couldn't be seen before.

※ Slow Motion(240fps) : Users can capture all sections of a video at 240 fps, and plays only the section with the most movements in slow motion and the rest of the sections at normal speed (30 fps). However, Users can choose to play any section in slow motion after shooting.

- "Motion Detection" is a feature that allows users to capture a subject’s quick movement in Super Slow Mo (960fps). Users specifies a section, and when the feature detects a movement from the subject, it automatically captures the relevant images.

Super Slow motion

3) Dual Aperture (F1.5, F2.4)

Dual Aperture (F1.5, F2.4)

In dark environments (approx. 100 lux or lower), the F1.5 aperture, which can minimize noise by letting in more light, is used, while in bright environments (approx. 100 lux or higher), the aperture will automatically switch to the F2.4 aperture. This allows users to take photos that are sharp even in the corners.

※ In Pro Mode, regardless of the luminosity, users can choose between the F1.5 and F2.4 aperture.

※ Users can use either an F1.5 or F2.4 aperture, and cannot select a value exceeding F1.5 or under F2.4. 

Dual lens Camera (S9+ only)

- Dual QIS : 2x Optical + Capture crisp photos & sharpen photos even with camera shake

Live focus : The Live focus feature allows the camera to capture the subject and the background separately so that you can get an out-of-focus photo with the focus on the subject. Moreover, the Dual capture (Accessible via “Live  Focus” mode) feature allows you to take a close-up photo zoomed in on the  subject and a wide angle photo with a broader background, all in one shot.

- Background blur shape is changeable in the blurred area of a photo taken in

Live Focus Mode. Users can change a blur shape to a variety of light shapes (e.g., heart, star shape) produce more appealing photos.

AR Emoji

- AR Emoji is a feature that allows users to create a 3D avatar that resembles them by using a selfie with front and rear-facing camera. They can then use their 3D avatar while taking photos/videos as a mask (e.g. snow or snapchat) or using a IM or SNS app. After creating an avatar, if users

 1) Takes a photo/video: The AR Emoji is placed on top of user’s face, and also follow user's facial expressions.

 2) Uses an IM/SNS: The AR Emoji can be used to create 18 different animated emojis at launch.

- Identifying different features of a face, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and forehead based on a selfie saved, it creates a 3D face replica that resembles users by using a big data-based Machine Learning algorithm.

Q : Why Dual camera was applied only for S9+ ?

A : It is impossible to add Telephoto camera in present S9 PBA due to limited HW space. (As S9+ is similar height spec with Note8, Telephoto camera can be embedded.). If battery capacity was decreased from 3,000mAh to 2,500mAh, more space can be available. However it is directly related to usage time of device. Because it may be big issue in customer side, telephoto camera was not assembled in S9.

Q : Why Live focus mode is available in only S9+?

A : The Live focus feature is consist of the camera to capture the subject and the background separately, it is shot by using Telephoto camera mainly. A Telephoto camera is supported by only S9+ due to S9 limited PBA space. Thus Live focus mode is only for S9+.

Q : The background blur is not working properly with captured by Live focus(S9+ only)

A : The background blur may not be applied properly in the following conditions:

• The device or the subject is moving

• The subject is thin or transparent

• The subject has a similar color or pattern to the background

• The subject or background is plain

Q : Does Super Slow Mo(960fps) record sound as well?

A : Super Slow Mo(960fps) sections do not contain sounds, but background music is inserted automatically after shooting. (Slow Motion(240 fps) can record sound in every section.)

※ Default background music is provided. (A total of 35 background music files are supported)

 Music files owned by users can also be used as background music.

Q : Is the size of a video shot in Super Slow Mo (960fps) bigger than that shot in Slow Motion (240fps)?

A : In Slow Motion(240fps), all sections of a video are saved at 240 fps.

On the other hand, in Super Slow Mo(960fps), only sections users captures in high speed for 0.2 seconds only (at 960 fps) are saved, and the rest as normal videos (30 fps). Thus, this results in a relatively smaller video size.

Q : Super slow motion recording has started at an unwanted moment.

A : When recording a video in Auto mode, super slow motion recording may start if there are conditions such as the following :

• When the device shakes or another object is moving near the subject in the motion detection area

• When recording under flickering light, such as a fluorescent light

• When recording in dark areas where noise occurs

Q : What is different point from LO’s Animoji? 

A : LO’s Animoji is a feature that places user’s facial expressions over a character’s face, such as an animal or alien. Our AR Emoji is a feature that creates an avatar that resembles users, not just a simple character. It mimics user’s facial expressions, and delivers their emotions realistically. Also LO’s Animoji can only be used through imessage, whereas Samsung’s AR Emoji can be used with third-party instant message and SNS apps.

Q : What changes have S9+ made compared to Note8’s Dual camera? (S9+ only)

A : ① Dual Aperture improves the low-light performance of the main (wide-angle) lens (F1.7 → F1.5/2.4). ② Background blur shape is changeable in the blurred area of a photo taken in Live Focus Mode. (Users can choose a blur shape, including heart, star, and snowflake.)

Intelligent Scan

1) Intelligent Scan : Provide reinforced usability and security by analyzing both Iris and Face information altogether.

① Usability improvement : Convenient authentication unrestricted by external environments

• Low Light / Dusk /Mask : if the face cannot be recognized, the iris information will be used additionally

• high-light environment : if the Iris cannot be recognized, the face information will be used additionally

② Security improvement : Analyzing RGB (face)  IR (iris) simultaneously and checking liveness provide more intensive level of anti-spoofing. 

* Spoofing : Using biometric data of others with the intention of bypassing authentication measures.

Intelligent Scan

※ In the case of payment or financial services, Iris verification is performed primarily. After that, using face information for anti-spooping

2) Intelligent Scan vs. Iris

Intelligent Scan vs. Iris

- Intelligent Scan : use both Iris and Face information altogether  → provide optimal authentication method

- Face  ID : only use facial recognition → restrictions (eg. hard to recognize twins/lookalike/partially shaded face)

※ If you use Intelligent Scan as a screen lock method, your face and irises cannot be used to unlock the screen for the first time after turning on the device. To use the device, you must unlock the screen using the pattern, PIN, password you set when registering your face and irises. Be careful not to forget your pattern, PIN, or password.

※ If you change the screen lock method to Swipe or None, which are not secure, all of your biometric data will be deleted. If you want to use your biometric data in apps or features, such as Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass, you must register your biometric data again.

Q : What’s the difference between LO’s Face ID and Samsung’s Intelligent Scan?

A : As face ID only use facial recognition, it is hard to recognize twins, lookalike, and partially shaded face. However Intelligent scan of S9/S9+ combines face and iris scanning to improve accuracy and security even in low or very bright light  and provides optimal authentication method.

① Outdoor / Daylight : Face recognition will be used and in order to prevent spoofing, ‘Liveness Check’ will be required by IR sensor.

② Indoor / Low-light : If it’s hard to recognize the face, iris recognition will be used.

③ High security required service : In case of SamsungPay & SamsungPass, iris recognition will be used primarily.

Q : When I try to change screen lock type to Swipe or None, message that biometric data will be removed in my device appears.

A : If you change the screen lock method to Swipe or None, which are not secure, all of your biometric data will be deleted based on Google’s new security policy. If you want to use your biometric data in apps or features, such as Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay, you must register your biometric data again.

Q : How to better face and iris recognition

A : The phone may not recognize your irises or face when

• something prevents a good view of your face or eyes (e.g. glasses, contact lenses, hat, low eyelids, recent eye surgery, disease, dirt, damage to the camera, or excessive movement)

• if you attach screen protectors (privacy protection films, tempered glass protectors, etc.)

DeX Pad

1) Samsung DeX : is a service that allows you to use your smartphone like a computer by connecting the smartphone to an external display, such as a TV or monitor. You can use your smartphone’s features on a large screen conveniently.

※ Precautions for launching Samsung DeX mode

• When you launch or disconnect Samsung DeX mode, the currently running apps will close except some apps

• You cannot use Samsung DeX mode if your mobile device is in the following modes: the ultra-power saving mode, emergency mode, and safe mode.

• If the TV or monitor do not support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), the Samsung DeX mode screen may not be displayed.

• Samsung DeX mode supports HD+, FHD, and WQHD resolutions. Some content on your mobile device may be displayed differently on the TV or monitor.

• The available time for battery usage can be reduced when you use Samsung DeX mode.

• If you change the settings on Samsung DeX mode, the mobile device’s settings will be changed as well. Some settings of the mobile device may not be changed even if you change the settings on Samsung DeX mode.

• Download the firmware from the server to update Samsung DeX mode to the latest version. It is available only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Q : How is the DeX Pad differentiated from the DeX Station?

A : ① Improved usability : The user can tap the touchpad or touch keyboard* on their phone screen (like a laptop) while using the Samsung DeX without connecting a mouse or keyboard.

* Keyboard will be supported via 1st MR version( about ’18.Apr.)

② More screen resolutions supported : The optimal resolutions are supported not only for the existing FHD (1920x1080) screen, but also for HD+ (1600x900) and WQHD (2560x1440) monitors.

③ Support 3.5mm earphone port connection

④ Fast charging through Fast Charging Mode supported with inbox TA(15W).(Only when DeX Mode is not in use.)

How is the DeX Pad differentiated from the DeX Station?

⑤ A firmware update provided for the DeX Pad when connected with the DeX

Q : Is it possible to support other models except for S9/S9+ ?

A : The DeX Pad supports the same devices as the DeX Station (including the S8/S8+, Note8 with Android 8.0 Oreo OS or higher).

Q : Why does not support fast charging in DeX mode?

A : With the DeX Pad

• To use DeX Mode, the DeX Pad requires about 9W.

• About 12W or more is required to fast-charge the DeX Pad.

 → When a 15W TA is used, only 6W will be supplied to the device.

       Hence, the inbox TA (15W) cannot support this.

      ※ 25W charger sold separately by Samsung: EP-TA300C ($34.9)

Q : Can I receive an incoming call ?

A : You can receive an incoming call with the connected TV or monitor while using Samsung DeX mode. If you receive a phone call, select the incoming call menu from the connected TV or monitor. The mobile device’s speaker is used for answering the call. Also connect earphones or remove your mobile device from the Dex Pad to use the mobile device instead of the speaker phone to receive an incoming call.

Q : The screen ratio is incorrect

A : Samsung DeX mode supports HD+, FHD, and WQHD resolutions. Some content on your mobile device may be displayed differently on the TV or monitor. Adjust the screen ratio from the menu of the connected TV or monitor.


Q : What is Dolby Atmos?

A : Dolby Atmos (Surround Effect) supports playing dedicated Dolby Atmos contents, so provides high quality 3D spacious sound experience. Smartphones featuring Dolby technologies offer a richer surround audio experience for your movies, music, and other entertainment. As for normal contents and movies, provide optimal virtual surround effect through real-time sound analysis.

Q : Is there improved points in audio experience ?

A : S9/S9+ have two speakers at the top and bottom, providing more audio volume and more vivid stereo sound. The S9/S9+’s stereo speakers has been turned through a collaboration with AKG, providing clear, distortion-less audio quality, even when the audio volume is high.

• Structure : A receiver/speaker at the top and a speaker at the bottom.
• Volume : 3~4dB higher than S8(approx. 1.4 times)

Q : Is there improved points in audio experience ?

• Quality : Tuned stereo speakers through a collaboration with AKG and applying Dolby Atmos surround effects.


Q : While using the device, pop-up window about “Device cooling down” suddenly
appears and running applications are forcibly closed.

A : When the device heats up, the features and performance may be limited or the device may turn off to cool down. If the devices becomes hotter than usual, the screen brightness and the performance speed will be limited and battery charging will stop. Running applications will be closed and you will only be able to make emergency calls until the device cools down. If the device overheats or feels hot for a prolonged period, a power off message will appear. Turn off the device, and wait until it cools down.

※ Do the following when the device heats up

• Keep the device updated with the latest software

• Conflicts between running apps may cause the device to heat up. Restart the device

• Deactivate the Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth features when not using them

• Close apps that increase battery consumption or that run in the background when not in use

• Delete unnecessary files or unused apps

• Decrease the screen brightness

• If the device overheats or feels hot for a prolonged period, do not use it for a while. If the device continuous to overheat, contact a Samsung Service Centre.


※ Your device may heat up due to the environment in the following conditions. Use caution to avoid shortening the battery lifespan, damaging the device or causing a fire

• Do not store your device in very cold or hot temperatures

• Do not expose your device to direct sunlight for extended period

• Do not use or store your device for extended period in very hot areas, such as inside a car in the summertime

• Do not place the device near or in heaters, microwaves, hot cooking equipment, or high pressure containers

• Never use a damaged charger or battery

MDE (Multi Device Experience)

1) MDE

- This refers to an Eco-System that allows the user to connect, install, and control different Samsung devices, such as TVs, home appliances, Internet of Things (IoT), more easily and conveniently.

- Using the Device-to-device Connection (Eg. WiFi Direct, Bluetooth) and the Cloud Service, this MDE allows the user to share various contents between different products using their Samsung account and control through Bixby Voice

2) Major characteristics of MDE service

- Based on Samsung Account, MDE (Multi Device Experience) supports to connect Samsung devices more quickly and intuitively, and experience an environment where user can share their contents more conveniently.

① Account based Auto Connection : Supports automatic connections between different devices using a Samsung account. It provides an Auto Connection that allows the user to connect each of different devices automatically which already registered to user`s Samsung account without the need to search, select, and connect devices.

② Simple and Fast contents sharing : Based on content uploaded to Cloud storage where registered in user’s Samsung account. The user can open and share the content easily between various devices connected by the same Samsung account.   

(e.g. HHP, PC, TV, refrigerator, and tablet)

3) SmartThings

- Connect to nearby devices, such as Bluetooth headsets or other smartphones, easily and quickly. You can also manage TVs, home appliances, and Internet of Things(IoT) products with your smartphone and view status or control them from your smartphone’s screen.

※ To fully use SmartThings, you must register and sign in to your Samsung account. The devices you can connect may vary depending on the region or service provider. To see the list of connectable devices, open the Samsung folder, launch the SmartThings app, and then tap SUPPORTED DEVICES.

Galaxy S9/S9+ How-to-Videos

Using Super Slow Motion on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+