My Bin Drawer Does Not Fit Correctly. What Can I Do?

Last Update Date : Mar 22. 2018

[FAQs] French door Refrigerator : My Bin Drawer Does Not Fit Correctly. What Can I Do?





If your bin drawer is not fitting correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the bin out of the refrigerator.
  2. Check the sides of the bin for cracks.
  3. Check the grommet rails (the rails on the bin) for cracks or breaks.
  4. Check the tracks that hold the bins in the refrigerator for cracks, breaks or looseness.
  5. Check the tracks and the grommet rails for dried or spilled food.
  6. If you find cracks or breaks in the bin or the grommet rails, you will have to replace the bin. If you find cracks or breaks in the tracks, you will have to replace the tracks. Call Samsung Customer Supportto order new parts or arrange for a service call.
  7. If you find dried or spilled food on the tracks or grommet rails, clean them with mild detergent, wipe them dry with a dry cloth, and then try reinserting the bin.
  8. If you try the steps above and your drawer still does not fit correctly, call Samsung Customer Support arrange for a service call.

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