How Do I connect my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my Galaxy Gear2?

Last Update Date : Mar 22. 2018

Last updated: 27 March, 2014


Turn on your Gear 2


1. Press and hold the Power button on your Gear 2 for a few seconds to turn the Gear 2 on.



Gear 2  


Connect your Galaxy Gear 2 to the internet


Note: the steps below concern connecting your Gear 2 to a Wi-Fi network. A 3G or 4G connection will also suffice, but please be aware that your mobile network may charge you for use of 3G or 4G if such use is not already covered by your monthly fee.  


2. On your Galaxy S5's Home screen touch Apps.


3. Touch Settings.


4. Touch Wi-Fi.


5. Touch the slider in the top-right of the screen if it isn't in the on position.


6. Touch the name of your Wi-Fi network in the list to connect to it (if you're not already connected).


GS5 - Apps Icon Framed GS5 - Settings Icon Framed GS5 - Settings - Wi-Fi Icon Framed S5 - Settings - Wi-Fi Frames 


Install the Samsung Gear Manager


7. From the Home screen of your Galaxy S5 touch Apps.


8. Touch Samsung Apps (you may need to swipe left or right first to locate it).


9. Search for "Samsung Gear Manager" and touch Samsung Gear Manager in the results.


10. Touch Download and then open the app once it has downloaded.



Pair your Gear 2 with your Galaxy S5 through the Gear Manager app


11. If a disclaimer message appears on opening Gear Manager scroll to the bottom and then touch Accept.




12. Gear Manager will begin searching for Bluetooth devices. Check your Gear 2 for its name and then touch that name in the list of available devices in the Gear Manager app.


Gear Manager - Device Pairing Framed 


13. Touch OK in the Bluetooth pairing request message box.


Gear Manager Pairing Request Framed 


14. Touch Accept on your Gear 2.


15. Touch all the check boxes in the End User Licence Agreement to mark them with ticks and then touch Finish. (You do not need to check the 'Yes' radio button, but doing so will enable the app to send Samsung error log data and, by extension, help Samsung improve your Gear 2 and everyone else's).


Gear Manager - End user license agreement 


Confirm the pairing was successful


16. Scroll down in Gear Manager and touch Find my Gear.


Gear Manager - Find My Gear Framed 


17. Touch Start.


Gear Manager - Find My Gear Start Button Framed 


18. Your Gear 2 will ring. Touch Stop in Gear Manager to cease your device's search for your Gear 2.


Gear 2 - Mobile Device is Searching    Gear Manager - Find My Gear Stop Button Framed 

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