How Do I use Wi-Fi on my Samsung Galaxy Tab?S 8.4?

Last Update Date : Apr 25. 2018


Wi-Fi is a wireless connectivity feature that lets you connect Wi-Fi enabled devices to share information or to connect to the internet.



Turn Wi-Fi On or Off

To turn on Wi-Fi, open the Notification Panel by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom, and then touch the Wi-Fi icon. You may need to swipe the Quick Panel to the left to display the Wi-Fi icon. When Wi-Fi is on, your device will scan for and connect to any known access points (access points you have previously connected to).

Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps 1 > Settings 1 > Connections > Wi-Fi 1 .

2. If necessary, touch the slider 1 to turn Wi-Fi on 1 .

3. Available networks will display under Wi-Fi NETWORKS. Touch the name of the network you want to connect to.

4. Enter a password, if necessary, and touch Connect.

Manually Add Your New Network Connection

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps 1 > Settings 1 > Connections > Wi-Fi 1 .

2. Touch Add Wi-Fi network 1 .

3. Enter the Network SSID. This is the name of the network you are connecting to.

4. Select the Security level of the network. If you select a security level that does not match your access point, you will not be able to connect.

5. If the access point is secured, enter the password.

6. You can mark the Show advanced options checkbox to configure the Proxy and IP settings.

7. Touch Connect to store the new information and connect to the network.

Wi-Fi Status Indicator

The following icon shows your Wi-Fi connection status at a glance:

1 Displays when Wi-Fi is connected, active, and communicating with a Wireless Access Point (WAP).

Wi-Fi Advanced Settings

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps 1 > Settings 1 > Connections > Wi-Fi 1 .

2. Touch More options1 > Advanced for the following options:

    • Network notification: Receive a notification when an open Wi-Fi network is available.

    • Passpoint™: Let your device connect to Passpoint-certified Wi-Fi access points automatically.

    • Sort by: List the available networks in Alphabetical order or by Signal strength.

    • Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Specify if your device should continue to stay connected to Wi-Fi when the screen goes to sleep.

    • Always allow scanning: Let your device scan for an available wireless network even when Wi-Fi is turned off.

    • Install certificates: Install network certificates stored on the microSD™ card.

    • MAC address: View the number assigned to your device’s Wi-Fi transmitter.

    • IP address: View the IP address assigned to you by the Wi-Fi access point you are connected to.

Wi-Fi Options

Touch More options 1 for the following additional options:

    • WPS push button: Connect directly with your wireless router using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ button on your router.

    • WPS PIN entry: Connect directly with your wireless router by entering the randomly generated PIN on your device.

    NOTE: To use WPS, your device must support WPS and be compatible with WPA security.

Wi-Fi Direct®

Touch Wi-Fi Direct to turn on the feature. Wi-Fi Direct lets available Wi-Fi devices connect to each other directly (or to a group of several devices), allowing you to quickly and easily share content.


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