How to set up Bixby Voice

Last Update Date : Apr 12. 2018

How to activate Bixby Voice

How to set up Bixby Voice

Follow the steps below to see the step-by-step guide on How to set up Bixby Voice.


Important Note:

● Your device must have a valid Internet connection to use Bixby.

● You will also need to have a Samsung account to use Bixby.

● When registering your voice with Bixby, it is important to be clear:

○ Speak at a constant speed.

○ Speak loudly and clearly in a quiet place.

○ Hold your phone 15-30 cm away from your face.



● Step 1: Open Bixby Home by pressing the dedicated Bixby button located below the volume buttons.

 Bixby Button 


● Step 2: Tap on the More options located near the top right of the screen and then tap on Settings.

Step 2   Step 2


Step 3: Toggle the switch to enable Bixby Voice.

Step 3   Step 3


Step 4: Now press and hold the dedicated Bixby Button. You will be prompted to Update Bixby. Tap on Update to proceed. (Note: It is recommended to be connected to a Wi-Fi network as additional fees may apply to your service network provider).

Step 4   Step 4 


Step 5: Tap on Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 5  


Step 6: Select the language you wish to use for Bixby Voice and then tap on Confirm. (Note: Currently the Korean language and US English are the only supported languages for Bixby Voice. There will be further updates once more languages have been added).

 Step 6 


Step 7: Follow the steps of the tutorial on the different ways of calling Bixby.

Step 7 Step 7 Step 7


Step 8: You will now need to register your voice to call Bixby verbally. Tap the Bixby logo located near the bottom of the screen to start.

Step 8   Step 8 


Step 9: Follow the on-screen prompts to start familiarising your voice with Bixby.

○ Speak at a constant speed

○ Speak loudly and clearly in a quiet place.

○ Hold your phone 6 to 12 inches (15 - 30 cm) away from your face.

Step 9 Step 9 Step 9


Step 10: Enabling Bixby voice wake-up allows you to call out Bixby at any time by calling out "Hi Bixby" to get started. You can follow up by giving a command. Some examples are displayed below. Tap on Next to proceed.

Step 10 


Step 11: Create a Voice password. It is not mandatory to create a Voice password, so you may tap on Skip located near the bottom left side of the screen if you do not wish to create a Voice password at this time. If you wish to create a Voice password, tap on Next to proceed.

Step 11 


Step 12: Clearly speak out the Voice password you wish to use. If Bixby has correctly understood the password, tap on Continue and confirm by speaking out the same Voice password again.

Step 12   Step 12 


Step 13: Follow the on-screen prompts by reading out clearly the following sentences. Once you have completed the on-screen prompts, tap on Next to proceed.

Step 13 Step 13 Step 13


Step 14: You will now need to teach Bixby your pronunciation style so that Bixby can understand you better. Read out the following sentences aloud. Once complete, the next step will be automatically displayed.

Step 14   Step 14 


Step 15: When giving Bixby a task, you can tell Bixby to open a certain app/service and then perform a task within that app/service. See the below for some examples that you can perform. Tap Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 15 


Step 16: Bixby work with these apps currently and is constantly increasing its supported range. Be on the lookout for further updates. Tap on Update to update the Bixby supported apps or tap on Later to update your apps at a later time. 

(Note: Apps which work with Bixby need to be constantly updated in order to work together. It is highly recommended to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to avoid any additional costs which may incur with your Service Provider.).

Step 16   Step 16 


Step 17: There are about 3,000 different you can try out with Bixby. See the following for some examples you can perform with Bixby. Tap on Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 17


Step 18: Build up your experience with Bixby. The more you use Bixby, the more Bixby learns. If Bixby does not recognise a command that you have told it to do, you can always teach it what to do. Tap on Done to complete the set up for Bixby Voice.

Step 18

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