What is MMS in Samsung Smartphones?

Last Update Date : Apr 04. 2018

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a service that is used to send Multimedia Data like Polyphonic ring tones, songs, and wallpapers, Images etc. from one mobile to other using Gprs Signals. Some networks allow MMS facility on GPRS Activation, while some networks provide extra signal for MMS. So if you have GPRS activated on your mobile then you don’t need to make any special settings for MMS but this thing varies from Service providers.

What is MMS in Samsung Smartphones?

For getting MMS Activated please contact your Service provider. Service Provider will activate your MMS connection from there hand and will either send you Settings through “Service Message” which you have to “Accept” or you have to make settings Manually. For Manual Settings please follow the below mentioned Instructions.


Changing MMS settings

MMS Settings varies depending on the operating system of the device. For devices purchased in the country where the SIM card is being utilized, the MMS setting is already available by default.


For Android phones, MMS settings are found in APN settings under Mobile Network Settings.


Send settings


• Priority: set the priority level of your messages.

• Validity period: set the length of time your messages are stored in the message center.

• Delivery after: set the time delay before messages are sent.

• Address hiding: hide your phone number on the recipient's phone.

• Delivery report: set the network inform to you when your message has been delivered.

• Read reply: request a reply from the recipient.


Receive settings


• Home reception: determine if your phone retrieves new messages automatically when you are in your home service area.

Roaming reception: determine if your phone retrieves new messages automatically when you are roaming in another network. Home reception and roaming reception have the following options:

Automatic: the phone automatically retrieves messages from the server.

Reject: the phone rejects all messages.

Manual: the phone displays notifications. Use the Retrieve option to manually download new messages.

• Anonymous reject: reject messages from anonymous senders.

• Adverts reject: reject advertisements.

• Report allowed: send a delivery report from the network to the sender.


MMS profiles


You can configure required network settings for MMS. The last profile accessed is automatically activated for sending or receiving subsequent messages.

• Current profile: select a profile.

 Profile settings: customize the following options for each profile:

Profile name: assign a name to the MMS profile.

Server URL: enter the address of your MMS server.

Proxy: connect to the GPRS network using the proxy server.

GPRS settings: customize the settings required for connecting to the GPRS network.

IP address: (when the proxy is set to Enable) enter the gateway address.

- Port: (when the proxy is set to Enable) enter the port number.

- DNS1: (when the proxy is set to Disable) enter the primary address.

- DNS2: (when the proxy is set to Disable) enter the secondary address.

- APN: enter the access point name used for the address of the GPRS network.

- Login ID: enter the user ID.

Password: enter the password.

Version: select an available OMA version and maximum size limit for sending or receiving messages.

NOTE: Check with your service provider before you change any MMS settings on your phone.

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