Sustainability Report

Integrating corporate management and sustainable development is an issue of increasing importance in the business world, amid increasing expectations for social and environmental responsibility.

In response, we have been improving the process of collecting stakeholders' ideas and setting up corporate-wide vision and strategies for sustainable development.

We have designated economic, environmental and social responsibilities as the key elements of our sustainable management. We are committed to continuing to identify our various stakeholders, build positive relationships with them and ultimately enhance our value for both the company and the stakeholders.

Our Main Approaches to Sustainability


Build successful partnerships
Enhance values by education
and innovation
Develop environmentally-friendly
products and improve
customer satisfaction
Maximise corporate value
by sound economic activities
Fair trade and compliance
Business Partners
Improve competitiveness
through win-win partnerships
Local communities
Effective social contribution for
reputation management
and business continuity
Global Society
Contribute to addressing
global issues (i.e. climate change)

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