9 easy ways to save battery on your smartphone

By Samsung 27.07.2016

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9 easy ways to save battery on your smartphone

Keeping your smartphone on for more than a day has become increasingly difficult.

The use of 3G, interactive games and constant social media checks have facilitated a decline in average battery life. In order to avoid this moment of panic you have when your smartphone is about to die and you're not near a charger, here are a few easy ways to save battery on your smartphone.

Use a black wallpaper

The Galaxy S7 edge and S7 are both equipped with a HD Super AMOLED screen, which allows for higher resolution and larger display size. To save battery on a Samsung device, it's advised to use a black toned wallpaper, or even better, a black screen as a wallpaper. As black pixels are unlit, less power will be needed to display your wallpaper, thus saving battery life on your smartphone.

Use WiFi or data

Another option is to use either WiFi or mobile data, but not having both activated at the same time. If you have WiFi at home, you might want to keep your WiFi to "Always On during sleep" so your phone doesn't have to use extra battery to connect to the WiFi every time you wake your phone.

Delete unnecessary widgets

Your smartphone widgets, especially the ones using data to refresh such as weather widgets, are consuming a lot of battery to stay updated. Make sure you only keep widgets you need on your home screen.

Adjust screen brightness

There is no better way to drain your battery than having your brightness level to the maximum at all times. Avoid manual adjustments and use your smartphone's automatic brightness adjustment for a more effective way to manage your smartphone battery. When your phone is very low in battery, you can set the brightness to a minimum manually to save energy as much as possible.


Your phone will black out after being inactive for a while: make sure you set this time smartly to avoid unnecessary battery consumption.

Go on Do Not Disturb mode

When you don't need to use your phone or access the WiFi, make sure to activate the Do Not Disturb mode on your smartphone. Whether you use it during a meeting, during your sleep or while you're eating, it will allow you to save battery while avoiding unnecessary distractions during these moments.

Turn off auto-sync

Many apps will auto sync throughout the day, such as email apps, news or social media, and send you push notifications or updates. This drains your battery as your phone is constantly syncing for updates. Make sure you turn off auto-sync when you need to save your smartphone battery life.

Keep your phone cool

To save battery on your smartphone, keep it cool! Do not expose your phone to high temperatures, as the battery will overheat and your battery life decrease at a much higher pace than usual. Make sure you keep your smartphone in the shade or in your pocket to avoid this.

Disconnect once in a while

You don't need to be connected to your GPS, WiFi or use mobile data and location services all the time. Switch off these functions and notice the instant increase in battery life!

Turn off vibrate

Did you know that your phone takes more energy to vibrate than it does to ring? Whenever possible, keep your phone outside of vibrate mode to save battery. The vibration when you type on the keyboard, or haptic feedback, can be turned off as well, as it also counts as a battery drainer.

Any other battery life-saving tips that we missed?

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