6 ideas to make your daily chores faster

By Samsung 20.07.2016

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6 ideas to make your daily chores faster

Household chores are for the most part unavoidable, but you can make them manageable.

Doing a little bit every day and not letting mess build up are good ways to make housework easier and faster. Save half an hour every day to do your chores and make your life easier! Here are 6 ideas to make your daily chores faster:

Have a schedule

Having a household duties schedule, and sticking to it, is the first step in cutting your chores in half. Choose for example to do the most demanding chores on Monday, then assign a specific duty on Tuesday, and so on.

Having a clear schedule will help you organize your day, and you will end up doing it without even thinking about it.

Make laundry easier

Not many moments are more frustrating than realizing you forgot a piece of clothing before putting your wash on. Cut the time you do laundry by separating in advance colors and white clothing, and double check before closing the door! The AddWash washing machine allows you to add pieces of clothing, such as this one sock, to a wash that already has started. Imagine how much time you will save by not having to do a second wash for a single sock!

Make laundry easier

Clean as you go

A good tip to reduce your household chores is to clean as you go. If you deal with it as soon as it happens, cleaning will be easier. For example, don't wait a week to do the dishes, or it might get difficult and end up taking more time. Wash bowls and cutlery right after using it, and you will save time in the long run. Same goes for spilled coffee, or cleaning your oven. Do it straight away, and be done with it 

Create a playlist

Music helps keeping motivated, whether at the gym or doing your chores. Set a playlist that gets you moving, set a chore per song, and get started! You can even squeeze in a light workout by incorporating some dancing to your favourite tunes while cleaning your home. 

Have a spring cleanout

Sometimes, a good cleanout is necessary. Whether you choose to get rid of things or give it away, make sure to let go of unused things regularly and not pile it up. This way, you will have more space to store your belongings, and this will make cleaning and tidying the space way easier. 

Turn it into a game

Doing household chores should not be left to one person only. Gardening, cooking, and even tidying together can be a great way to bond. Kids can help keep their toys tidy while teenagers can set the table or help with laundry. Turn cooking into a family TV show and folding the sheets in a choreography, and and get everyone to participate in housework!