1. Wash shirts buttoned up

Don't put your shirt in the washing machine without undoing the buttons first. Having a buttoned up shirt in the wash might stress the buttonholes and buttons and get them to pop during the wash. Take time to unbutton all buttons before tossing your clothes in the washing machine.

2. Fill the cup of detergent

Overloading your washing machine cup with detergent is not going to give you extra clean clothes. Only use two tablespoons to a quarter of a cup of detergent for each load of laundry.

If your laundry is very dirty, all you have to do is select the Bubble Soak option. The clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles, so stains are loosened and removed more effectively.


3. Not wash clothes before wearing

It's always best to wash clothes you've just bought before wearing them. This will ensure to remove any leftover chemicals from the production process, which can cause skin irritation. A cold wash can also help with settling your new clothes' colour and prevent bleeding.

4. Leave zippers open

If you don't want to scratch all your delicate clothing, make sure you close zippers all the way up before putting clothes in the washing machine. Also avoid to have unclipped bras in the machine as they might damage other pieces of clothing. Wash underwear separately in a pillowcase to avoid any bad surprises.

5. Not separate your socks


We've all experienced having a sock go missing during a washing. In order to not lose any sock, it's better to put them either at the beginning or at the end when putting your clothes in the machine.

Thanks to the Addwash door, you can always add extra garments to your wash and avoid putting them in the same time as all your other clothes. This way, maybe you will find all of your socks at the end of the wash!

6. Throw stained clothes in the machine

If you have clothes with bad or large stains, sometimes the reflex is to throw them directly into the washing machine. Try to refrain from it: there is a much more efficient way to get rid of tenacious stains. Apply a small amount of detergent on the stain and dab it in before putting it in the wash. For prewashed items, you might want to only use your machine to rinse them: use the Addwash smartphone app to plan an alarm when the rinsing program starts. You can then pause the cycle add your piece of clothes and let it rinse.

Let us know below if you know another laundry mistake that most people do?