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Connected car merges into the mainstream

Connected car merges into the mainstream


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Connected Car Merges into the Mainstream

Connected cars will be among the key technology trends of 2015 and beyond. These powerful elements of the Internet of Things will ultimately transform the traveling experience, adding entertainment and communications options as well as greater car reliability and safety. Samsung is playing a central role in making the connected car vision a reality.


By 2020, Gartner predicts, there will be150 Millionpassanger cars connected to the Internet.

That same year (2020), the
connected car market will reach
$141 Billionaccording to Allied Market Research.

The Growth in share ofCars connected to
the Internet is
expected to rise
from 8% in 2012 to 22% by 2020.


Safety First

Growing usage of in-vehicle sensor technologies such as cameras, lasers and GPS as part of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) features.

Safe use of Mobile Devices

Voice-activated apps, in-vehicle cameras and heads-up displays (HUDs) will be key to achieving the safe use of mobile technology in both cars and trucks alike.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Connecting mobile devices and apps to embedded auto systems: Music, videos, phone calls, social media notifications, GPS, etc.

In-Vehicle Commerce

Gartner's study shows 22% of U.S. vehicle owners are to some extent interested in purchasing songs, audio books or movies in their cars.

Remote Vehicle Operation

Using mobile devices to unlock/start the car to directing the car to automatically park itself and return (BMW).

Transmission/Reception of Vehicle Operational and Service Data

Including automatic software updates to the car’s smart systems.


On demand, real time traffic information

Weather and news information

Real-time parking spot finder capability

Driving assessment and coaching on how to save on fuel and be a better driver


Gartner predicts that 58% of U.S. and 53% of German vehicle owners want tech firms – like Samsung - not car companies, to take the in-vehicle technology steering wheel.

A significant percentages of drivers and passengers will be carrying Samsung smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Samsung 24%of the Smartphone Market, world leader.

Samsung Partnerships with
Car Manufacturers and Networks

BMW/Samsung alliance to include support for Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the BMW i3 electric car.

Rear seat entertainment based on Tab 4 7-inch tablet; screen sharing; convenient touch screen control.

AT&T Drive Partnership – Collaboration on Drive apps and features on test vehicles from Audi, Tesla and Subaru.

Source: IDG Content Partnership

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