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How rising technologies create new enterprise advantages

How rising technologies create new enterprise advantages


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How rising technologies create new enterprise advantages

Enterprise adoption of wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) is rising rapidly, offering the opportunity to transform the customer experience. To seize this opportunity, companies should make speed and security keystones of connectivity.


wearables Current adoption statistics 11%

11% current adoption rate of wearables in the enterprise.

wearables Potential gains from adoption 77%

77% of people say that an important benefit of wearables is to make them more productive at work.


internet of things Current adoption statistics 25% 40%

25% of firms currently have Internet of Things solutions in place 40% plan on implementing IoT solutions.

internet of things Potential gains from adoption 49%

49% of surveyed firms identified improved customer experience as one of the top five benefits of deploying IoT solutions.


connectivity Current adoption statistics 9.6%

9.6% growth year-over-year in the global enterprise WLAN market segment, 3Q 2014.

connectivity Potential gains from adoption 50%

50% of consumers are more ready to make a large purchase in-store provided there is WiFi access available.

The transformative impact of enterprise adoption of wearables and the Internet of Things is all the more remarkable for being so new. Led by the most forward- thinking global companies, enterprise adoption of these technologies is rapidly expanding: This year, 25% of companies reported already having IoT solutions in place, while another 40% are planning on adopting IoT solutions. The 11% current adoption rate of wearable tech indicates the potential for a dramatic takeoff in enterprise adoption, since there is already broad consensus that wearables can increase productivity on the job.
Improved customer experience is the most widely cited benefit of adoption of connected devices, ranked by 49% of respondents in one survey on IoT solutions. That makes sense. In a mobile connected world, being able to provide consumers with needed information and services as smoothly and quickly as possible is essential. Indeed, as innovative devices present new opportunities for companies to enhance their engagement with customers, the technology that makes connectivity between devices possible becomes increasingly important. As the enterprise WLAN market sector continues to grow at a brisk pace, businesses should be thinking big picture for the future: seeking connectivity infrastructure to ensure the fastest, smoothest and most secure connectivity for an increasing number of devices bringing life to business.