Innovation Hits Home

AddWash™ Front Load Washer

Laundry Genius

Lets you easily add forgotten laundry items after the wash cycle has begun–better late than never.

Washing Machine with Activewash™
4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator

Fridge or Freezer, you decide.

Easily switch from fridge to freezer and back again maximizing fresh food storage.

4 door refrigerator
FlexDuo™ with Dual Door Slide in Range

Dynamic Duo

Cook two dishes simultaneously at different temperatures for ultimate cooking flexibility – door opens just the top part or full oven.

Oven with door open
Over The Range Convection Microwave

Now We're Cooking

With the combined powers of convection cooking and microwave heating, your food cooks faster and more evenly.

Over The Range Convection Microwave
WaterWall™ Dishwasher with Zone Booster™

Give Dishwashing a Boost

Adjust water pressure and temperature with Zone Booster™—for powerful dishwashing, right where you need it.

WaterWall™ Dishwasher with Zone Booster™

Robot Revolution

This robotic vacuum gets astonishingly powerful suction and the digital camera-driven mapping system creates the optimal cleaning path.

Robot Revolution
Introducing the Samsung Chef Collection