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Networks History

Samsung's LTE Solutions build on more than 35 years of experience in developing and commercializing some of the world's most popular communication services. This wide range of field-experience in OFDMA technology has enabled Samsung to successfully partner with dozens of mobile service providers in diverse markets around the world - from the US to Japan to the Middle East and Europe - helping each of them to implement the most advanced solutions LTE has to offer.

Born from Innovation

In 1969, Samsung Electronics (then known as Samsung-Sanyo Electronics) was born, and began production of its first product--12-inch black-and-white televisions. In the 36 years since that monumental event, Samsung Electronics has evolved into an innovation powerhouse, expanding into a broad number of industries, from semi-conductors to refrigerators, printers to its now-famous smartphones. This drive to explore the capabilities of electronics and discover how we can make the lives of millions of people around the world is a core motivation behind Samsung Networks' own efforts in the telecommunications space.

Commitment to Technology the Industry Needs

Samsung Networks' philosophy focuses on delivering technologies that solve real-world issues that mobile network operators face and providing solutions that generate new business opportunities and vastly improved user experiences. Every network is different, owing to a vast number of variables that cannot always be controlled when developing standardized products - recognizing this, Samsung Network products are designed to be flexible so that our solutions can be customized to suit the specific needs of each of our customers. This collaborative approach to building networks has formed the foundation of many of today's most advanced networks.

A Strong History of Firsts

Samsung Networks' innovative spirit and drive to push the industry ever forward has resulted in a series of important industry firsts in the LTE era. From the first live VoLTE network to the deployment of the first and largest LTE small cell network in the world in 2012, followed by the deployment of Carrier Aggregation technology in 2013 and eMBMS broadcast technology in 2014. Working with operators who are equally committed to innovation and building the best user services has given Samsung Networks the ability to stand out as an industry leader in the LTE era, and this experience and dedication to delivering beyond-standard performance will remain a key characteristic as the industry accelerates towards new possibilities.

Networks Today

Samsung's presence in each of the leading LTE markets is the result of hard work, dedication to innovation and supporting the needs of our customers and end-users alike. Samsung's position as network infrastructure vendor, device manufacturer and applications and services developer grants it a highly unique ability to coordinate and deliver tomorrow's technologies today and remain on the cusp of the cutting-edge.

Samsung Networks at a Glance

Nearly a fifth of the world's LTE subscribers access networks built by Samsung and more than half of human resources devoted to research and development. Our commitment to spreading connectivity and bringing the latest technologies into the hands of end-users is a clear priority. To facilitate this, Samsung leverages 200+ operating centers in 84 countries, and the synergy generated from close collaboration with more than 300,000 employees across dozens of industries. As a result, Samsung now provides one of the largest contributions to 3GPP and LTE-Advanced standards.

End-to-End Capability

Samsung enjoys a truly end-to-end portfolio - an advantage that very few companies can leverage. Our Smart Networks family provides the industry's most advanced and reliable LTE network infrastructure products and solutions, enabling networks that power millions of users and thousands of applications across dozens of different types of devices. This excellence in infrastructure is significantly enhanced by Samsung's leadership in the mobile devices market - including smartphones and tablets - and powerful content, application and services development capabilities. The synergy between each of these business units has and continues to play an important role in Samsung Networks' ability to shape new technologies and deliver cutting-edge, forward-thinking solutions to an industry that thrives on continuous change.