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Why Samsung Networks?

Samsung is recognised as one of the leading and most enduring names in the world of mobile technology. For more than 3 decades we have championed developments in the industry and played an integral part in the evolution of the mobile telecom sector. Our strong track record in innovation and manufacturing is matched with a history of financial stability, and an extensive globally-distributed, skilled employee base. This combination of factors has lead to Samsung being the preferred partner of top-tier operators around the world. We are committed and active participants in key leadership bodies, helping to shape and regulate the industry.

Strong Track Record

Since the 1970s Samsung has been at the forefront of mobile technologies innovation and manufacturing.Today, as a global top-tier mobile infrastructure vendor and the world's leading Time Division-Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE) provider, we continue to drive the development of the sector.
Our commitment to early deployments was highlighted when in 2011 we introduced the world's first TD-LTE network in Saudi Arabia. We are proud to cite that as of 2012 one in every five LTE customers in the world is connected through Samsung LTE infrastructure.


Samsung's longstanding record of innovation is supported by a history of sound financial stability. Our A+ credit rating is the highest in the telecom industry and is testament to our strong commitment to the sector. The confidence and reassurance that this creates is just one of the reasons why many of the world's top-tier operators choose to enter into long-term infrastructure contracts with us.

Organizational Synergies

Worldwide, Samsung has over 50,000 R&D professionals working on digital convergence solutions and of these, 20,000 are dedicated solely to telecommunications. Combined with our extensive facilities and streamlined supply chain systems, this creates a massive global resource which enables us to provide comprehensive and innovative telecom solutions anywhere in the world. This immense size and depth is unrivalled in the sector and is one of the factors behind our presence in a wide and diverse range of markets.

Leadership in industry standards

Samsung's position as a powerhouse of innovation, along with our commitment to the future of the industry, is recognised by our participation in key Global Standards bodies. We maintain a strong presence on the board of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), in addition to being the leading contributor to the development of Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) standards. Furthermore, as an active participant in LTE standardisation we remain at the leading edge of advanced solutions developments.

Telco-IT convergence

For many years Samsung has been a leader in converging technology to create innovative and sought after solutions. Through the convergence of Telco and IT we have now developed Smart LTE Networks which bring together telecom base stations and IT servers. Additional capabilities include a range of Smart features like Scheduler, SON and Cache, along with Cloud Computing.

Proven in world's most data intensive markets

We are proud to be the leading provider of network equipment in Korea, universally recognised as the most data-intensive market in existence. Furthermore, our reliable and proven systems support the world's highest density region of smartphone usage in the city of Seoul.

Product Synergies

At Samsung we are committed to continuously advancing technology in the areas of both mobile devices and telecom equipment. This dual approach means we can use our in-depth knowledge of the future direction of devices to provide optimised network solutions and help operators adapt to the continuously evolving mobile environment. It also ensures we are constantly ahead of the information curve, which enables us to offer fast development cycles and bring new technology to market more rapidly.