• Samsung†s PAR16 Series lamps are ideal for spot lighting to showcase products.
  • With a colour rendering index of 90 plus and a beam angle of 25 and 45 degrees, get the best in light definition.

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Display Lighting

Display Lighting
The LED PAR16 Essential Range Lamps are the ideal choice for creating spectacular displays that better capture the attention of potential customers. The pure, natural quality of LED lighting showcases products in an engaging and attractive way to optimise sales opportunities. Samsung’s exclusive heat protection technology minimises heat damage which means less product discolouration. This is of particular benefit in situations where colour is an important factor in the customer’s decision-making process.

Optimal Spot Lighting Solution

Optimal Spot Lighting Solution
The clearly-defined beam spread of Samsung’s LED PAR16 Essential Range Lamps creates optimal choices to provide your business with a powerful and versatile lighting system. The choice of 25- or 40-degree beam angles make these lamps a highly flexible solution for a variety of applications. The Accent type 25-degree enables professional spotlighting in retail applications, museums and galleries. In more general situations where clear light is essential to functionality and safety, the General 40-degree option is the ideal solution.

Up to 15,000 Hours of Lighting

Up to 15,000 Hours of Lighting
Samsung LED PAR16 Essential Range Lamps last up to 7 times longer than their traditional halogen counterparts, resulting in a significant reduction in labour and replacement costs. This extended lifespan, combined with utility bill savings, means that they offer your business a rapid Return on Investment (ROI). Each lamp provides up to 15,000 hours of lighting so that the financial benefits can be enjoyed for many years, along with bright, natural light. The advanced semiconductor design provides reliability and durability that your business can depend on.

Cost Savings Comparison

Cost Savings Comparison
The LED PAR16 Essential Range's low energy consumption leads to significantly reduced utility bills and a resulting short ROI period. Consuming 80 per cent less energy than their traditional halogen counterparts, LED PAR16 Essential Range Lamps offer your business a cost-effective lighting solution that requires minimum maintenance. They represent an eco-friendly option that fully conforms with 2012 legislation and does not compromise light quality in the workplace.

Easy to Install

Easy to Install
Samsung lamps are compatible with existing fixtures. Suitable for standard GU10 bases and form factors, the energy savings start the instant fitting is completed. Compliant with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) form factor restrictions, LED PAR16 Essential Range Lamps offer your business the fastest and easiest way to upgrade existing lighting systems to LED technology. They provide a retrofit replacement with a completely safe installation process.


Unlike Halogen lamps, Essential Range PAR16 is lead- and mercury-free (RoHS compliant), resulting in clean natural light. The absence of any harmful UV or IR radiation ensures that merchandise remains free from discolouration or fading. Samsung’s energy-efficient lighting reduces impact on both costs and natural resources, and helps demonstrate your business’s commitment to the environment.


The robust design of Essential Range PAR16 reduces the risk of breakages and resulting accidents. Samsung LED Lamps contain no glass or filaments, ensuring that they are seriously durable and long lasting. The lower thermal emission provided by Samsung’s proprietary technology significantly lowers the surface temperature of the lamps, ensuring that they are safe for heat sensitive objects and to the touch.


Electrical Data

  • Rated Wattage

  • Rated Voltage

    AC 220-240V
  • Rated Current

  • Wattage Equivalent

  • Rated Frequency

  • Power Factor

  • Switching Cycles


Light Technical Data

  • Luminous Flux

  • Efficacy

    Lamp Efficacy
  • Color Temperature

  • CRI

  • CBCP

  • Beam Angle

  • Starting Time

  • LLMF-end nominal lifetime




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