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    See how Samsung can help you enhance your financial services to meet the growing demands of digitally savvy customers.
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  • Enhance the In-Branch Experience with Digital Services

    Enhance the In-Branch Experience with Digital Services

    Increase sales at branches by leveraging digital technologies to deliver customer-centric services

    Revamp traditional branches to become centers of sales and service excellence through the digitalisation of services. Adopt secure mobile and virtualisation technologies to simplify the cost structure of branches and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

    are sold via the branch1

    1Accenture, The Digital Disruption in Banking (2014)
    A man walking by a bank branch is receiving a push notification on his smartphone about the branch's financial products and services.
    Engaging Customers with Proximity Technology
    Banks can entice potential customers passing by the entrance of their branch to come in by sending push notifications to their mobile device about the financial products, services, and promotional events that are being offered.

    If customers are interested in finding out more, they can send a reply back so that by the time they come in, a financial representative is ready to provide customized services.
    Customers are waiting in a lobby where there is a large display screen showing various financial data.
    Engaging Customers with Digital Devices
    While customers are waiting to meet with their financial advisor, they can acquire information on various products, loan rates, and special offers at interactive kiosks, a great cross-selling and upselling channel.

    They can also browse for financial and economic information on tablets available in the waiting area.
    A customer is using an interactive kiosk to run a financial portfolio simulation.
    Self-Service Banking
    Customers can run hypothetical portfolio simulations at interactive kiosks to determine which financial products best meet their needs.

    They can also view various financial products and services available at the branch on interactive displays.
    A customer is signing a contract on a tablet with his e-signature.
    Personalised Services with Digital Devices
    Financial representatives can upload different scenarios directly to customers’ mobile devices that are catered to their specific needs.

    They can also explain various customised portfolio scenarios on an interactive display and print out the data for customers to take home using a Wi-Fi printer.
    A customer is receiving financial advice from a remote represenative through a video conference.
    Remote Financial Advice
    Customers can receive specialized advisory help from financial representatives in person or remotely.

    For remote advisory service, customers can acquire the exact information they need via an interactive video conference with a remote financial advisor who has specialized knowledge in addressing specific customer needs.
  • Improve Work Efficiency with Digital Workflow Solutions

    Improve Work Efficiency with Digital Workflow Solutions

    Achieve operational excellence and increase productivity through secure, paperless processes

    Leverage state-of-the art mobile technologies to achieve fully digitised workflow. Enable employees to work anywhere, anytime, even when away from the office via mobile solutions. Encourage collaboration between employees even in remote locations via secure mobile devices.

    via front and back office process automation1

    1Accenture, Everyday bank (2014)
    An employee is securely downloading financial information to a tablet and in the background, a financial advisor is consulting with a customer.
    Remote Access to Customer Data
    Financial institutions can increase work productivity by enabling employees to securely download and manage customer information—gathered during mobile sales operations—to their mobile devices, allowing them to work anytime, anywhere.
    An employee is wirelessly printing documents from a tablet.
    Printing Anywhere, Anytime with Cloud Printing
    With a mobile print solution, employees can securely print documents even when they are away from the office, allowing them to provide reports even when in remote locations.
    A financial advisor is accessing his company's network using a tablet along with portable keyboard to share his reports with other colleagues.
    Remote Collaboration
    Financial institutions can enhance employee communication by enabling remote collaboration via mobile device. Employees can access the company network to easily share reports with managers and other employees.

    Employees can even collaborate with other employees in remote locations using a data security & management solution.
    An employee is adjusting the temperature of the room by using a smartphone to control the air conditioner.
    Controlling Room Conditions with Mobile Devices
    Financial institutions can provide a comfortable banking environment with smart air conditioners, which can be remotely managed and controlled via mobile device.
  • Empower Outside Sales Representatives with Secure Mobile Solutions

    Empower Outside Sales Representatives with Secure Mobile Solutions

    Support outside sales representatives with secure mobile solutions so that they can service customers

    Leverage both e-signature and mobile technologies to implement personalised customer-centric services. Increase sales efficiency and reduce costs by utilising mobile devices to complete the entire sales operation in real-time. Ensure outside sales transactions are secure by protecting data with a powerful mobile security solution.

    highlight mobile technology as an important tool for their businesses1

    1Accenture, CEO Briefing 2014: The Agenda for Insurance (2014)
    A salesperson is looking up a customer's financial information to prepare for their meeting.
    On-the-Spot Sales Preparation
    Finance institutions can increase outside sales by equipping outside staff with mobile devices that enable them to look up customer information and prepare personalized research findings and financial offerings on-the-go.
    A salesperson is using the camera on a tablet to take a photo of a customer's I.D.
    Mobile Financial Advice
    When meeting with a customer, outside sales representatives can provide explanations to the customer using illustration tools and running simulations on a tablet. With e-signature technology, the customer can securely sign documents right on the tablet, and photos of customer's ID can be taken directly with the tablet's camera.
    A customer's e-signature is being securely transmitted to the office and to a customer's mobile device at the same time.
    Securely Managing Customer Data
    Once a customer signs a contract with their e-signature, it is automatically converted into a secure document and then sent to the customer's mobile device and the office at the same time.

    Customer data and enterprise data can be securely stored and safely managed with the Samsung KNOX solution.

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