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  • Improve Logistics Visibility

    Improve Logistics Visibility

    Maximise efficiency in logistics operations with mobile and location-based technologies

    Equip delivery personnel and vehicles with mobile solutions in order to establish their locations at all times, optimise routes, and efficiently distribute schedules and work orders. Use location-based technologies to track materials, parts, and products as they travel through the entire supply chain.

    can be achieved via controlling freight spend1

    1Accenture, From a Shipper’s Market to a Carrier’s Market (2011)
    A deliveryman is delivering a package to a customer as she signs for the package on a tablet.
    Streamlining the Delivery Process
    Logistics companies can provide high-quality delivery services by harnessing mobile technology. Using image capture technology on a mobile device, delivery personnel can provide instant documentation of package conditions and use signature capture for proof-of-delivery confirmation, speeding up the overall process. They can also have customers fill out satisfaction surveys on-the-spot using the same device.
    A driver is using a tablet supported with a telematics/tracking solution to find the best route to his destination.
    Smart Fleet Management
    When drivers are equipped with telematics/tracking solutions, dispatchers can see the location of each and every vehicle in the fleet, providing the information needed to support dynamic routing. If drivers take a wrong turn or are caught in a traffic jam, real-time location-based directions and traffic information can help them stay on schedule. Drivers can access this information on their tablet. Dynamic routing improves customer demand response times, improves delivery efficiency and reduces fuel costs.
    Three warehouse managers are at a delivery center looking at data on a tablet together and in the background a large display screen is showing warehouse information in real-time.
    Monitoring Warehouses in Real-Time
    Warehouse managers can maximize the efficiency of product movement and storage by monitoring activities within the warehouse and delivery centers on large displays in real-time, reducing or eliminating the need for manual tracking and counting.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Increase productivity and efficiency of onboard operations by leveraging mobile technologies

    Equip staff with mobile solutions that enable them to easily access service tools and data such as staff schedules, customer information, and service support mobile applications. Provide remote access to vehicle service records and technical documentation repositories so that field technicians can access information from the field.

    in business intelligence solutions in the next 3 years1

    1SITA, Flying into the Future (2013)
    A staff member is wearing a wearable device on her wrist as she access a touchscreen display.
    Efficient Ticket Validations
    Rail conductors can use paperless tablets or smartphones to electronically validate passenger tickets for the convenience of conductors and passengers. The devices can also be used to improve time management for passenger transport, obtain urgent information and deploy staff and resources from the field swiftly and efficiently.
    A passenger is making a service request by using a tablet mounted to her seat.
    Easy Requests & Fast Responses
    Passengers can stop waiting for staff to come to their seats directly when they want to make a service request. Instead, they can use the tablet mounted to their seat to request the service and the service time as they want.

    Flight attendants can provide a high-quality service experience by providing the right services at right times.
    A passenger is browsing through a sky mall catalog on a tablet.
    A New Level of Sky Shopping
    Airlines can provide a new level of the in-flight shopping experience for passengers with e-brochures and in-flight duty-free shopping that allow customers to explore offered products in their seats on tablets.

    Flight attendants can sell and take payment for food and beverage orders—all while accessing up-to-date cart inventory and passenger information—using a mobile POS system on their tablets.
    A field technician is using a ruggedized tablet to check service records.
    Immediate On-the-Job Assistance
    Technology can help field repair technicians be more accurate. Using a tablet, they can view the repair schedule as well as all notes and service records and other relevant data. They can also receive the parts list to pick up pre-packed parts from the depot, and access the equipment manual and contact support for assistance with a particularly complex repair procedure. Through the use of the tablet's camera (or intelligent goggles), support can observe what the field technician is doing and can provide immediate guidance. The field technician can also complete the job by completing the paperwork on the tablet using the stylus pen.
  • Enhance the Passenger Experience

    Enhance the Passenger Experience

    Provide a seamless experience with digital technologies for tech-savvy passengers

    Provide passengers with real-time arrival and departure information 24/7 across all facilities on terminal displays and personal mobile devices. Install convenient self-service kiosks and other devices that passengers can use to make travel reservations, check in, print baggage tags, obtain boarding passes and more.

    want flight status information on mobile devices, self-boarding and transfer kiosks1

    1SITA, Flying into the Future (2013)
    A train station with interactive displays on the train platform.
    Interactive Displays at Train Stations
    Placing interactive displays at train stations can enhance the traveler experience. Instead of wondering when the train will come, travelers can see the arrival time for each train in real-time. Travelers can also find the fastest route to their final destination.
    A traveler is entering an airport and is receiving a push notification on his phone about flight and gate details.
    An Airport That Gets You
    Airports can provide passengers with an enhanced passenger experience from the moment they arrive. With beacon technology, airports can push important information—flight and gate details, shortest routes to boarding areas, and expected wait times—to passengers' mobile devices through an airline application. They can also find this information using an interactive kiosk.
    A traveler is using a self-service smart kiosk to check in.
    Self-Service Airports
    Self-service does not mean no service, but giving passengers the power to personalize their journey. By placing interactive displays throughout the airport, passengers can easily check the airline directory and the locations of check-in kiosks and airport facilities such as stores, restaurants and cafes.

    Passengers can also use smart kiosks to complete the entire check-in process—passport verification, seat selection, mileage entry, and boarding pass pickup—without the help of any staff members.
    Two travelers are spending their waitiing time in the airport lounge entertaining themselves with a tablet.
    A More Comfortable Waiting Experience
    While they are waiting for their flight, travelers can manage their free time by checking flight information on tablets placed around the airport. They can also entertain themselves with smart TVs and smart entertainment that they can easily access and control to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, apps, streaming content and more.

    Travelers can also handle urgent business matters on high-performance note PCs and Wi-Fi printers in the business lounge.
    A traveler is receiving a notification on their mobile device alerting him that his plane is ready to board.
    Smart Mobile Boarding
    Airports can help passengers relax while they wait in the lounge by sending a push notification to their mobile device alerting them when their plane is ready to board. Passengers will know when to travel along the concourse to arrive at the gate just in time for departure.
    A traveler is using an interactive kiosk in an airport to check for important local travel information.
    Providing a Digital Welcome
    As travelers get off the plane, large displays can be used two-fold—to show a welcome sign as well as the shortest route to the baggage claim and exit. Travelers can also use the interactive kiosks or tablets in the airport to check for important local travel information and the fastest route to their final destination, one that considers all the different transportation options.
    A subway station with different local advertisements shown on smart displays on the subway platform.
    Smart Displays at the Subway Station
    Subways can also improve the traveler experience by enhancing their stations with displays that show the arrival times and current locations of each train in real-time. Displays can also be used to show different local advertisements.

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