he Virtualisation solution allows you to rely on a single device for both personal and corporate use. We enable businesses to adapt to the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce who expect to use their smartphones to work on the move. With a range of functions including Citrix Receiver, VMware Mobile Virtualisation Platform (MVP) and Wyse Pocket Cloud, the enterprise mobility solutions assure that businesses benefit from the security, flexibility and ease of management that they require without increasing operational costs.


Virtualisation allows you to work from anywhere by providing secure employee-owned devices that let you open and review documents, update reports, approve expenses and even join webinars. It is an easy and safe way to access virtual desktops, web browsers, SaaS applications and central IT services, all from a single interface. Not only does this enhance productivity and flexibility, but it also helps your business reduce costs as it allows your employees to use their own smartphones for work purposes (BYOD - Bring Your Own Device).

VMware Mobile Virtualisation Platform

Thanks to the VMware Mobile Virtualisation Platform, you can rely on just one single device for both personal and corporate use. More and more employees want to use their own smartphone for work, and now they are able to do so securely and easily. With the ability to isolate business data from private, there is no reason why your workforce cannot benefit from the enhanced flexibility that this solution affords. Our VMware MVP also simplifies the management and synchronisation of IT systems, saving you hassle and lowering costs.

Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver is a software package that is easy to install. It lets you access business data, applications and desktops from a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs. Working in tandem with a Citrix-enabled IT infrastructure, Citrix Receiver gives workers consistent, secure, high-performance access from any device across any network without introducing layers of IT management complexity. It allows you to maintain complete visibility and control of your corporate information, making your workforce more dynamic and flexible.

VMware View

VMware View modernises desktops and applications by making those accessible from a centralised server, so they can be delivered to your devices as a managed service. The processes are reliably automated and highly efficient, and security is increased as business information and communications systems are moved into the data centre. Operational costs are also reduced by 50% through this centralised desktop infrastructure. Your workforce benefits from a rich, consistent and high-performing virtualised experience from any qualified device, whether in the office or on the move.

Wyse PocketCloud

PocketCloud allows you to access files and applications from any desktop or business server from your Samsung tablet or smartphone. It is simple to install and to configure, and it has an intuitive interface that is specifically designed to work effectively with smaller mobile devices. PocketCloud enhances your flexibility and productivity by offering a range of powerful features including direct connections, secure TLS/SSL tunnelling, full multi-tasking support, and compatibility with Macs, Home Editions of Windows and Linux. It is also 50% faster over 3G/4G than RDP 5.2, allowing you to work even more efficiently when on the move.


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