1. Launch Samsung Kies 2.0 from your PC
2. Connect the powered up GT-P1000 to Samsung Kies via USB cable (Figure.1)

* Note if this connection is performed for the 1st time. Allow all drivers to be installed before proceeding

3. Ensure Samsung Kies is able to detect GT-P1000 device (Figure.2)
4. Samsung Kies will prompt user of a new firmware available for user to select to upgrade their device (Figure.3)
5. User is now asked to proceed to upgrade their device.
Read the disclaimer and tick on the checkbox, and proceed firmware upgrade
6. Samsung Kies will inquire user if there is a need to backup phone information (Figure.4)
7. Samsung Kies will download the files necessary for upgrading. (Figure.5 & Figure.6)


8. Upgrade is completed. User can disconnect device from USB cable.