NA64H3000AK Gas Hob with 4 burners


NA64H3000AK Gas Hob with 4 burners With the Samsung Gas Cooktop you can cook every dish perfectly. It features powerful burners that quickly generate heat, so you can cook faster and lock-in natural flavors. Its Endless Design Grate also lets you move even the heaviest pans easily and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Cook with powerful heat that warms up quickly
  • Slide pots and pans easily along the seamless rails
  • Dishwasher safe grates for easy cleaning

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NA64H3000AK Gas Hob with 4 burners


  • Cook with powerful heat that warms up quickly
  • Slide pots and pans easily along the seamless rails
  • Clean the grates easily in your dishwasher

Powerful heat

Powerful heat
The Samsung Gas Cooktop features 4 burners that provide an impressive 8 kW of power – the most in its class. So you can enjoy extreme heat for fast and intensive cooking, such as sautéing and searing. Or you can boil water and cook food much quicker. So whether you’re in a hurry or want to seal in your food’s delicious flavours there’s a burner to suit your cooking needs.

Don't lift – slide!

Don†t lift – slide!
The Samsung Gas Cooktop features an Endless Design Grate that lets you move your cookware easily and safely. Even the heaviest pots and pans will slide along its seamless rails, without struggling to lift them. Simple indicator marks also show that they’re properly centreed over the optimum heat. And the whole grate can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

Easy clean grates

Easy clean grates
The Samsung Gas Cooktop makes it extremely easy to keep the grates brilliantly clean. It requires very little effort as their compact size means that they can all be put into a dishwasher and given a thorough wash. So keeping your kitchen looking great has never been simpler.

tech specs

Dimension of NA64H3000AK/EU


  • Grate

    Cast Iron

  • Surface

    Temperd Glass

  • Type (Gas)



  • Control Method

    Knob Dial



  • Total Power (Gas)

    8 kW

  • Heating Element Power (Gas)

    Rapid 3 kW


  • Number of Burner

    4 EA

  • Type

    R (1) / SR (2) / A (1)


  • Package (WxHxD)

    683 x 172 x 593 mm

  • Cutout (WxHxD)

    560 x 490 mm

  • Net (WxHxD)

    600 x 505 x 20 mm

  • Weight (Gross)

    18.3 kg

  • Weight (Net)

    16 kg

  • Loading Quantity (20/40ft)

    351 / 898 sets


  • Installation Type