WMN350M TV Wall Mount / Bracket


WMN350M TV Wall Mount / Bracket Mount your TV easily then sit back and enjoy your entertainment. The Samsung WMN350M Wall-mount makes it easy to install a wide range of Samsung TVs. Smarter design allows you to mount it closer to the wall or further away, so you’ll still have space for cables. The elegant minimal WMN350M also stays behind the scenes, so it doesn’t spoil your décor or distract you. And, thanks to the built-in leveller, you can easily adjust your screen to make sure it’s perfectly level.

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WMN350M TV Wall Mount / Bracket


  • Hang your TV on the wall in a few simple steps
  • Mount a wide range of models with room for cables
  • See your TV, not the wall-mount, with minimal design
  • Easily adjust TV placement for perfectly level balance

Simply and easily hang your TV like a piece of art

Simply and easily hang your TV like a piece of art
Hanging your TV on the wall no longer needs to be an arduous task that is time consuming and risky. The new Samsung WMN350M makes installing your TV - easy, safe and quick. With a maximum loading weight of 200kg (440lb), it can easily support Samsung’s largest TVs. And to ensure minimal hassles, the supplied user manual lists all TV models and their unique installation instructions to put an end to concerns about using the wrong screws and other mishaps. Now, hanging your TV on the wall is as enjoyable as placing a piece of art. Spend time enjoying your TV rather than putting it up.
Smarter design – a perfect match for Samsung TVs

Smarter design – a perfect match for Samsung TVs

To cater to a wide variety of screen sizes and attachments, Samsung has developed a smarter wall mount design. For different series and sizes of TVs, you can set the WMN350M at either 17mm or 40mm from the wall according to the user manual, so there is always enough room for cables to access the back of the TV. Now, connecting an extra cable is never a problem, even if it is slightly bigger and wider than usual.
Beautify your TV with chic, minimal design

Beautify your TV with chic, minimal design

Keep your TV wall mount out of sight with Samsung’s chic and stylish WMN350M. With a modern design that is comfortably kept out of sight behind the TV, your viewing experience is left unhampered by the usually bulky and cumbersome wall mount. Its lightweight construction and compact size makes the WMN350M both easy to install and carry. This chic approach to design also ensures that the interior design is not compromised with unsightly bars and support structures.
Perfect placement, total convenience

Perfect placement, total convenience

Setting your TV that it is perfectly balanced and even is now a lot easier with Samsung’s built-in leveller. With the help of specifically designed slots, the WMN350M allows for the television to be corrected even if the mount is screwed to the wall slightly off centre. No unscrewing or re-setting; just set and then adjust. The built-in leveller will quickly become an essential part of any wall mount-it saves time, effort and couldn’t be more convenient.

tech specs

VESA Standard

  • Size (mm)

    200 x 200, 400 x 400, 600 x 400


  • Slim LED, LED, LCD, Plasma

    2010 ~ 2013 Samsung Slim LED, LED all C,D,E,F series 32" ~ 65"



  • Set (kg)


  • Package (kg)



  • Quick Guide



  • Distance From The Wall (mm)

    17 or 40

  • Number of Hole on The Wall


  • Swivel


  • Tilt


  • Safe Working Load (kg)

    50kg (110lbs) Safe Working Load

Dimension (WxHxD)

  • Package (W x H x D) (mm)

    193 x 180 x 65