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Samsung QLED TV - Overview

QLED The Next Innovation In TV Experience the next innovation in TV and see colour in a whole new light with our QLED TV.

QLED TV Q8C has been placed on the right side of the room with an impression of space and the image of boxing.
100% Colour Volume1

Q Picture

QLED takes light and turns it into breath-taking colour. Make nights in spectacular and experience sport as if you’re in the stadium.

This image explains the image quality of QLED TV which expresses 100% colors in any brightness by metal quantum dot. A stained glass image is appeared darkly on a QLED TV screen and the color particles on the screen are scattered and transformed into triangle form Brightness graph. When triangle form turns into cylindrical form, the color volume is filled 100% and the screen image also brightens.
A lifetime of colour

Long lifespan

Samsung QLED TVs are composed by inorganic materials that provide consistently bright and vivid image quality for years.

The HD text afterimage is magnified.
The quality of a strong red flower image on the screen of the conventional TV only with a bezel becomes poorer over time.
The strong red flower image on the screen of QLED TV only with a bezel is displayed.
What is Screen Burn?

Screen burn is a permanent defect in areas of a TV display that can be caused by the effects of viewing the same image or scene for long periods of time, sometimes even as little as one hour. QLED TVs don't have this issue and come with a 10 year screen burn warranty*.

*Participants must register for the 10 year screen burn warranty within 90 days at www.samsung.com/uk/screen-burn

Design your space

Q Style

Design your space with a near-invisible optical cable for all your connections removing frustrating clutter from your living room.

This image is the comparison between two areas changed by hidden cables. In the Conventional TV environment, various connect boxes and cable wires make messy area surrounded by TV but optical fiber cable is arranged neatly and even connect boxes are far away, TV could get reception in QLED TV environment, which makes area tidy. A cheerful piano sound is heard as a sound.
The Smartest TVs on the planet

Q Smart

Control all of your compatible devices and content from one place with the one remote control.

the QLED TV product is in front, and the ‘Eden’ UI screen is displayed on the screen connecting with outer space of TV screen. There is a remote control on the right.
  • 1. See all shades of colour brought to life in a whole new light. QLED delivers a world 1st in TV picture quality,
    achieving 100% colour volume* certified by world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE)
  • * QLED TV : Samsung QLED is Quantum dot based TV.
  • * Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. The appearance and design specifications which is not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice
  • * Please refer to the product detail page for each model.