Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across companies. By controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all Android devices in the corporate network, your company can reduce business security risks and lower its costs. Samsung offers an extensive range of different solutions so that you can find the best one to suit your company’s needs.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows you to monitor, secure, manage and support all your deployed mobile devices remotely. With this software you can control all data and configuration settings, gain real-time visibility into your entire mobility environment, and administer consistent policies across all devices.

SAP Afaria

SAP Afaria reduces the complexity of managing Android devices by creating over-the-air (OTA) deployment of applications and software updates without the need for user intervention. This solution allows you to deliver fixes and upgrades remotely to professional mobile device users. For ease of use, Afaria can be controlled over various ports such as Bluetooth, WiFi, camera and microphone. For ultimate security it offers advanced password policy settings, exceptional security management features and various settings for Exchange Active Sync policies. In addition, SAP Afaria offers advanced application management features, which include blacklisting applications and preventing uninstallation of applications by the user.

Juniper Junos Pulse MSS

The Junos Pulse Mobile Security Suite offers professionals security, management, monitoring and control of each mobile device, as well as protection against a wide range of threats such as theft, loss or viruses around the clock. The software blocks out virus and malware attacks over various network communications, including SMS, MMS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G, to keep your valuable corporate and personal data safe. It also includes a remote locate, track, lock and wipe feature to ensure that your information remains secure at all times.

MobileIron MyPhone@Work

The MobileIron MDM Software Suite provides visibility into data and data use on smart devices, to help you gain real control of your company’s mobile operations. The easy-to-install MobileIron ensures that professionals can secure their data and control costs, without compromising on privacy. In addition, it allows you to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently, and can help detect costly or potentially damaging activities as they happen, to better protect your business.

SOTI Mobicontrol

An end-to-end secure mobility offering which is quick and easy-to-use. The SOTI MobiControl MDM is simple and swift to install. The lockdown settings, data encryption and authentication policies all ensure the protection of your data. Key features include the real-time remote control, advanced diagnostic tools and location tracker. With high mobility cost savings due to effective remote management and priceless corporate security, this solution is the ideal way to minimise the total cost of ownership for a mobile workforce.

AirWatch MDM

AirWatch MDM is an industry-leading solution designed to simplify your mobility needs. AirWatch streamlines mobility with its single console for device activation, end user support and full lifecycle management of smart devices. It ensures secure connectivity with its configuration and advanced security settings management, which in turn give you access to corporate documents. This solution conveniently allows you to gain real-time visibility into your entire mobility environment, administer consistent policies across all devices, and easily increase the scale of mobile deployments.

Samsung Enterprise Access Layer (SEAL)

SEAL provides an additional customised security layer for businesses by enabling the development of an optimal environment for their mobile functionality. It is compatible with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programme, which lets personal mobile phones be quickly and safely transformed for professional use. In addition to the hardware cost savings this delivers, it also ensures convenient setup of your mobile business infrastructure. By offering adaptable security settings, this solution lets you integrate your existing software and create a tailor-made system incorporating different features and programmes.


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