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Industry SolutionSamsung Smart Driving


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Samsung Smart Driving has introduced revolutionary mobile technology to the automotive sector. The vehicle diagnostic and management system brings you a significant step closer to managing a vehicle's life cycle, with maintenance now easier than ever. Additionally, the solution addresses safety concerns about mobile phone use, helping to reduce the risk of distraction. Bringing together driving information and entertainment on a tablet PC, you can enjoy intelligent features, including navigation and black box tools, eco-friendly tips and real-time driving data and advice.
Vital Real-Time Vehicle Data
Vital Real-Time Vehicle Data
This solution provides a multi-functional service that can be customised to specific manufacturers. It permits easy access to vehicle e-manuals for thorough performance monitoring. Through the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) system, it delivers pertinent information to users’ tablets in real-time. It allows for better identification of potential faults, analysing the status of key details such as speed, tyre revolutions per minute (RPM), driving distance and coolant temperature. By searching through vehicle history and highlighting early-warning signs for replacement, repairs or service support, it keeps lines of communication open between customers and manufacturers or dealers.
Monitor Vehicle Performance
Monitor Vehicle Performance
A clean and user-friendly interface gives drivers a range of visual information to make their experience more positive. Journey data is automatically recorded to the Smart Driving solution's history section, and owners can check various bits of data pertaining to their vehicle, such as daily, monthly or annual driving ranges, parts replacement cycles, and fuelling history. The status diagnosing function increases security by tracking vehicle performance. While driving, users can access various real-time data such as speed, RPM, fuel efficiency, coolant temperature etc.
• In busy, modern life, safety can often risk being overlooked. With this solution, you never have to compromise on safety.
• By integrating cars with a tablet PC, the Smart Driving solution helps to enhance customer satisfaction
• Multiple functions into one system, reducing distractions
• The navigation features, black box and real-time driving data mean that customers can efficiently plan journeys and monitor conditions
• Communication has never been more convenient or less risky with the SNS and other tools