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Casestudy Samsung LYNK

Samsung’s licensed per-room content solution lets you provide premium interactive services to customers.

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Casestudy Celtic Manor Resort

Celtic Manor Resort chose Samsung technology for its three hotels, which include more than 400 guest rooms and one of Europe’s largest conference centres.

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Casestudy Samsung School

Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, Research Director of IDC Government Insights explains how the Samsung School solution could lead the way for an interactive and connected educational environment, and between student-teacher relationships.

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Casestudy LYNK REACH and REACH server

Convenient guest room content management solution for hospitality providers.

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Casestudy LYNK SINC

Samsung LYNK SINC delivers customised TV content management for hospitality providers.

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Casestudy Samsung Display Solutions For Retail

Enrich your customers' shopping experience and simplify display management.

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Casestudy The New Retail Experience

The retail space is changing, going digital and creating new shopping experiences.

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Casestudy A new way to engage with shoppers

The customer journey is now driven by technology end to end, from initial research to ongoing service and support. Those retailers that act fast to embrace the potential that technology holds will be the ones that succeed. In our white paper, we’ll show how a customer journey might play out, along with researched statistical data, describing just a few of the benefits that retailers and customers can get from the latest technology.

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