NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop, 80cm wide


NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop, 80cm wide 0 5 0 reviews
  • Embedded LED lights help visualise heat intensity
  • The detachable magnetic knob makes cleaning easy
  • Flex Zone automatically adapts to the size of your pots

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NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop, 80cm wide


  • Inspired by Professional Chefs

    Samsung introduces a new generation of kitchen appliances inspired by the emotion, perfection and know-how of the most renowned chefs. To make it come true, Samsung gathered a team of Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world. These visionary creators have shared their passion and knowledge to help develop a range of revolutionary new devices that combine incredible premium design and unprecedented performance. The chefs have rigorously applied their talents throughout the entire cooking process to give you the ability to maintain the pure freshness of ingredients, cook them with precision and present them on spotless, shiny dishes. From now on, entering a kitchen is the first step to a limitless experience. A new culinary adventure has begun.
Precise visual induction cooking
"Samsung's Innovative Virtual Flame Technology™ provides perfect cooking convenience on the cooktop by showing you exactly how hot each ring is. LED lighting embedded in the surface glows to show the temperature of each cooking zone, so you instantly know whether the zone is on and how powerful the heat is, allowing a more precise way to cook.
Precise visual induction cooking NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop 80cm wide Michelin chefs | Samsung NZ
Precise detachable knob
A Magnetic Knob allows you to control the power of each ring simply and easily. Select the required cooking zone and its delicate movement lets you adjust the temperature settings precisely. The magnetic knob can be completely detached, so it is easy to clean the entire surface of the cooktop.
Magnetic detachable knob NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop 80cm wide Michelin chefs | Samsung NZ
Fits all shapes and sizes
"The Samsung Chef Collection Cooktop features a large open area called the Wide Flex Zone, a large, rectangle- shaped open area on the cooktop that is specially designed for cooking multiple dishes. It is wide and spacious enough to accommodate pots and pans of varying shapes and sizes at once, including any large cookware. So it makes cooking large family meals very easy.
Fits all shapes and sizes NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop 80cm wide Michelin chefs | Samsung NZ
Keep food warm & ready
Preparing lots of dishes or a whole meal can be a real juggling act as you need to keep everything warm and ready to serve together. With one touch, the Samsung Induction Cooktop’s Keep Warm function keeps food at the proper temperature without overcooking, so food stays deliciously warm and tasty – no matter when you serve it.
Keep Warm function  NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop 80cm wide Michelin chefs | Samsung NZ
Instantly high heat
The Quick Start button reduces the steps and time it takes to start cooking by providing high heat instantly, which can then be gradually reduced. Immediately increase the power level from ‘0’ to ‘15’ without any delay.
Instantly high heat NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop 80cm wide Michelin chefs | Samsung NZ
One-touch instant pause
The Pause button provides greater convenience by allowing you to switch all cooking zones to a low power setting with just one touch. To resume, just touch it again to return the heat to your original power levels in an instant. Very convenient if you need to interrupt your cooking to answer the phone or check on your kids.
One-touch instant pause NZ9900J Chef Collection Induction Cooktop 80cm wide Michelin chefs | Samsung NZ

tech specs


  • Child Safety Lock


  • Surface

    Ceramic Glass


  • Display Type

    LED (Ice Blue)

  • Cooktop Frame

    3 Bevelled

  • Control Method

    Magnetic Knob

  • Model Type Install




  • Total Power (kW)

    7.0 kW

  • 160mm

    1.2 kW

  • 220mm

    2.2 kW

  • Flex Zone

    3.3 kW

  • Flex Zone Graphic Size

    W225XD435 mm


  • Number of Burner

    4 EA

  • Type



  • Package (WxHxD)

    902X139X594 mm

  • Cutout (WxHxD)

    W750XD490 mm

  • Net (WxHxD)

    800X56X520 mm

  • Weight (Gross)

    19.5 kg

  • Weight (Net)

    16.5 kg


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