Refrigerator Refrigerator

Innovation that poses the question "Still or Sparkling?"

890 litres of storage, individually temperature controlled drawers, and a 10 year warranty. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, maybe you need some chilled water from the in-door dispenser. How do you like yours, still or sparkling?


Refrigerator Refrigerator

You probably haven’t heard our latest innovation.

There’s no need to shout. The Barosa 450L refrigerator speaks for itself. Its digital Inverter compressor is not only durable enough to warrant a 10 year warranty, it’s also really, really quiet.

See the Barosa 450L refrigerator

Refrigerator Refrigerator

It takes a lot of hard work to look this beautiful.

You may not see it at a glance, but our Superstar Refrigerator has hidden depths. We had to think long and hard about how to give you complete control of its features, yet keep its sleek and stylish finish. It took some smart thinking, but then we put our finger on it. The handles held the answer all along.

See the new Superstar SRS583
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